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    According to you the difference between performer and achiever ?

    Is one who performs a task also an achiever? What differentiates the two is an interesting query raised in this forum discussion.

    Every one of us tries to do something with our extraordinary thinking power and profess but invariably end with not much expectations. For me, a performer may be an average doer, a slow performer, or a superlative performer. But the achiever has already surpassed the performing traits and now has to sustain the position. What according to you the difference between performer and achiever? And who is important when the game is on, whether the performer or the achiever? Please share your information.
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    The chain of any work or service activity is like this - assess the task, collect information and knowledge about it, use the appropriate methods and tools, try to perform with a steady note, achieve the objectives, if failure is there go back to methods and tools and reattempt with corrections and modifications to try again, again perform, and then achieve. So performance is the whole thing from beginning to the end up to just before the achievement. The last thing is the achievement which is the fulfilment of goals and objective. It depends largely on the performance whether the results would be favourable or not.
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    A performer will perform. He may be an achiever or may not be an achiever. How you perform and how smart you are in performing will decide whether you are an achiever or not. We all perform to achieve. Some may perform till they achieve and some may not. While performing we should see whether we are on the right path or not. If necessary we should make some amendments to our method or change the path and continue performing till we achieve what we planned. Then only we will be achievers, I feel.
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    It is not a universal truth but generally the performers will be the achievers. Those who do not perform or just sit idle waiting for their luck to click one day will never achieve in their lives. Performing itself is a difficult exercise as it requires sufficient hard work and commensurate labour in the correct direction to eventually reach the objective or the goal of the project.
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    There is a vast difference between a performer and an achiever. Anyone can be a performer, but only a few can be an achiever. A performer has to work hard to achieve to become an achiever. Unless you perform well you cannot achieve anything in life. Performance is the foundation to build achievement.
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    Performance is something which can be considered as a process of achieving something whereas achievement can be said as the outcome of the performance carried out while completing any mission. So a performer is one who performs some activity and an achiever is one who achieve something as a result. In short it can be said so.
    I think every achiever is a performer in real life and a performer does something by investing all his abilities and resources to achieve kind of a goal. But it is not necessary that a performer may always become an achiever whereas an achiever is always a successful performer. However, it is possible in rare cases that an achiever achieve something on platter and he does not work hard to achieve it . In this situation he does not play the role of a performer.

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