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    How to deal with the enemies within?

    Every ruling party has an opposition. It is common in the democratic countries. It is also a healthy thing because if there is no opposition, democracy will convert into autocracy. A healthy opposition is always a matter of great support for the country as it will check and stop the ruling regime to do any thing which is against the interest of the country as well as the common people. So far so good but there are some elements which may or may not have any affiliation with any party or group but they are the anti-national elements and do many activities which harm the national interest. They not only indulge in hawala and such financial misdeeds but also can sell the nations secret to the other countries if they get such information leaked from the Govt offices. These elements are the real enemies within us hidden somewhere and remain invisible to police and regulatory agencies. They will do all the efforts to destabilise the present regime and facilitate political advantage for some black sheep. How to deal with these enemies within?
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    Nice post from the author and it is the fact that the outside enemies can be tracked, sorted out and eliminated according to our plan and program. But the main problem lies within where the internal enemies who work against the govt policy and program and try to pass on crucial information to enemy countries and from these croonies we have to be more careful. Every country has the intelligence agency who would be tracking the moments and statements of those who are anti nationals and how they create problems within country. Unfortunately our intelligence agencies are more concentrated with infiltrations and other activities from enemy countries and not tracking anything done inside. It is the high time the govt have one Intelligence agency solely looking after nation pride and nation interest.
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    If a thief is from outside we can find out somehow or other. But if the thief is in our house only means it is very difficult to find out. There is a saying in Telugu that means, catching a thief within the family is not possible to even God.
    There are people within the organisation who do harm to the organisation by shaking hands with the competitors for their personal goals. Such people are very dangerous and the organisation may lose heavily because of such people and such people if identified will get a termination.
    This type of people are there even in government offices and even in political parties also. How to identify them and punish them is a real task.

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    In Tamil Literature there are many moral poems and amongst them one is Neethi Venba. It has many matters to follow, though the writer name and whereabouts not available. In that Neethi Venba poem number 20 depicts well as answer to the post raised by the author.

    It is kombulatharku ainthu kuthiraikku pathu muzham
    vembukarikku aayiram thaan vendume,vambu seri
    theenkinam tham kannil theriyaatha thooraththu
    neenguvathE nalla neri.
    Meaning of the poem is: we have to keep distance of five elbow length (nearly 1.5 feet per elbow length-muzham) for an animal have horns, ten for horse, thousand for an elephant but out of vision to the enemies.
    Besides a Sanskrit sloka says" durjana: pariharthavyO vidhya alankruthO abisan maninaa pooshitha sarpa: kim asou na bhayankara:"
    Which means, Though highly educated we have to get rid of them when they find bad, as we cannot accept a snake as it has a costly gem.
    So, it is better to leave from them instead of dealing with them.

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    The author is absolutely right that every ruling party is opposed and this has happened with all democratic countries. It is also true that no democracy can promote autocratic rule in a democracy, so to some extend of protest is justified so that in the end the public interest is paramount. It is very important to identify people who harm the national interest in any way. But this task is not so easy because when attacked from the front or outside, then it can be stopped, but when an attacker comes out from our midst then the problem is bigger. Vigilance is the biggest solution. When we will be cautious even in small matters, only then big cheats will be able to be stopped.
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    The Government has sufficient powers to deal with any anti-national elements. It is the failure of the Government if such elements are not controlled. Not only this regime, in every regime there will be some bad elements. It is for the Government to take care of them.
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    A very nice post by the author which raises a grave concern. Concern that what will be the result of a country where enemies like these are allowed to reside. Every country has a threat from enemies from outside and within however the enemies from within has a great threat as they have a lot to spill out and are hard to identify. A country like ours where politics has influence on everything it becomes obvious that people with power will misuse their power for their own fortune even if they aren't directly involved in the functioning on the political arena. However we have come a long way, adavance in many sectors and it is time we pick these internal enemies, indentify them, stop them. It will only happen when government puts more attention on these issues rather than on issues that are almost irrelevant.
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    In any country some bad elements will be there and we can say that they are the elements present irrespective of who is ruling the country. So, they will always be there to disrupt the Govt working in many possible ways. It is also true that Govt has to deal very firmly with these elements and arrest them and book them under the prevailing laws. For this there is should be a very god understanding between the administration, police, and judiciary.
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    This is a very good philosophical scenario we are taught by our Gurus and preachers. The enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy outside.
    In the case of an individual being the enemies within-the invisible enemies- are his ego, greed, anger, deceit, kaama, etc etc. A person who can control and vanquish these enemies will become a peaceful person.
    The same is also true with body-politic.
    After all politics is a group activity of individuals. So the same within enemies will be there also. Unless identified and remedied in proper time the enemies will emerge out.

    But just as they can justify anything the politicians have already established an escape route" there is no permanent enemy or permanent friend in politics".
    So there will be emergence of enemies and friends continuously in our political parties.

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    The author has taken two different issues and mingled them together in this thread. One is about the role of opposition party and second is halwala and similar other activities which may be called as anti national activities .
    I agree with the author that strong opposition is necessary in a democratic country where check and balance may be maintained. But if the country is not having any strong opposition party and the ruling party is strong in centre it may go against democratic structure. Nobody can oppose the government if takes any step against the country or countrymen. We have no such clause in our constitution if ruling party which has absolute majority go with absolute power without listening to the voice of opposition parties what can retrain the government. ? We have no clues. It is said that supreme court has power to protect constitution and rights of people but supreme court has its burden of innumerable pending cases.
    We have witnessed several bills were introduced in parliament and enacted also. Opposition raised its concern but nothing worked to stop government from going forward.
    It is also a fact that opposition parties are always active to oppose government . It can't be said that government is always wrong as the opposition parties make hue and cry on every issue. We need understanding between government and opposition parties.
    Second issue which has been raised is about anti national elements which are working their ill activities and crimes while remaining within the country and the example is given of hawala. It still exist. Hawala has positive and negative aspects. If your son is working in somewhere abroad and you need urgent money now a days it is possible he will transfer money to your bank account but in past when banking system was not digitalised during those days your son could send money at your doorstep within an hour through hawala but generally hawala is used for black money transfering from one place to another place or from one country to another country, the similar practice is money laundering . Politicians are also involved in money laundering. We are none to say anything about them and also we can't do anything to these fish of the ocean.

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    The enemies have to be found first and then you can deal with them. The ruling party in the centre or at any state has the powers to deal with such persons. If they are unable to find them I would say the authorities responsible to keep a tab on such elements are not doing their duties properly. Whoever is acting against the country must be punished. The problem in our country is that even if such elements are brought to book the judicial process is too slow to pronounce punishment. Unless and until suitable punishment is given to the perpetrators within a stipulated time it will be difficult to control criminal/anti-national activities.

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