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    Do you agree with the concept of double promotions in school ?

    Whether it is allowed now or not, when we were doing the schooling during our childhood, the private schools were less or nil and totally govt schools are more and had the good teachers and studies. Eventually the performance of the students would be great and superlative by virtue of it the principle would recommend for double promotion to collector and that would be obliged with award and citatation. Have you come across such double promotion in your life or some one you know. Please share here.
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    Yes. During our school days, in government schools, this concept was there. I don't know whether such a system is there now. They used to call it half-yearly promotion. They used to promote merit students after completing the half-yearly examination to the next class. My sister who was in 3rd class got promoted to 4th class and she completed 3rd and 4th classes in one academic year. It was happening very rarely and the teachers and the Head Master only can take a combined decision as per the guidelines given by the Education Department.
    Those days another concept was also there known as into 6th class direct. Some children who have not taken any admission into primary school can write and entrance test and join in 6th class directly if they are qualified in the written test. I know some students those days who directly joined in high school without studying in any primary school.

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    Dr Rao the information provided by you is something new to the present generation.
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    Such a system was prevalent in the government schools where the students could be benefitted due to their higher potentials. That was the way of encouraging others to follow the same path of double promotion with their updating in their studies. The final authority for granting such a promotion was given to the Headmaster of the schools. I could be benefitted of this scheme once being promoted to class seven from class five because of my excellent performance.

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    After completing my third standard, I had appeared for the entrance examination to the sixth standard. I was successful in that examination. I got admitted into the sixth standard skipping the fourth standard and fifth standard classes. After the completion of twelfth class, because of the underage, I was not eligible for professional courses that year. I had to study B.Sc., first year and then only I got admission to the Engineering course, after completing sixteen years.
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    I agree with the author that in our childhood government schools were the only centres of excellent education. There was no private school in my town. Our teachers were sincere and hard-working to impart education and knowledge to their students . Their salaries were also not very high nevertheless they were honest in their profession.
    Now money is important for teachers whether they belong to government or private schools. Government schools are now gone astray. They have forgotten to provide quality education to students. Each teacher in primary school is earning from 50k to 70k per month but nevertheless they are careless about doing their duties sincerely.
    We need a big change in our education system.

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