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    Had you ever got a surprise award?

    When I was in Assam state where my husband was working at that time then we had a staff club there and once they held a Mina Bazaar. They gave stalls free of charge to the interested ladies and other employees of the company and asked them to prepare something and bring it there during that gathering in the evening. It went for two days and in the evening from 4 to 8 PM and we either prepared some snacks in the house or some people arranged cooking there itself and offered hot snacks, tea etc. There was a good crowd and as the rates were reasonable the sale was also good and both the days we were so busy cooking the items and satisfying the visitors in that interesting Mins Bazaar event. The organisers kept some games and other activities for children for their amusement and the event was very successful. The second day the organisers came and distributed some gifts to all the persons who had participated in this activity and then announced that there will be three bumper prizes by lottery to three lucky persons. We all were very curious and I was really surprised and thrilled when I got the second prize in that lottery draw. It was something unanticipated and created much excitement and happiness. Have you anytime got such a surprise in your life? Please share it.
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    Yes. Normally I have a habit of Tamil book reading. In some magazines, weeklies we can see the cross word puzzles in
    Tamil. Once I traveled Vizag to Chennai by train with our company service Manger. As usual I bought a Tamil Monthly and started to write the cross word puzzles. By seeing this the accompanied Official commented as that as a children play. I just smiled and continued. Without tolerating eagerness, he asked me to get the book as he wanted to fill the crosswords and filled fully. Since then he started to buy books and read.
    Recently I sent the answers of a crossword puzzle came in a Tamil weekly and surprisingly I won a sum of 1000 rupees as a prize. This is really an unexpected one to me, though I have sent many such crossword puzzle answers.

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    Winning a award or getting a surprise is something happening in ISC these days but while in school in 8th class I got the state topper award of rupees 840 in the year 1976 through the hands of collector then.
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    During my high school studies, I participated in a mono action competition. Many competitors were there. They were all from the 9th and 10th class. But I was from the 6th class. So I thought I have no chances of winning the competition. The script was written by my uncle ( Father's Brother) and he only directed me. The competitions were held on the school anniversary day. I participated and the competitions were over. The meeting started. During the meeting, only prizes were distributed. Winners were announced during prize distribution only. I got the 2nd prize and I was so happy because for the first time I was receiving an award in my life.
    The biggest award I received in my life is the merit scholarship for my higher studies starting from Intermediate to M.Sc. This scholarship was sanctioned based on my marks in the 10th class.

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    Yes, surprise gifts cannot be compared with any other gift. When we get presents on any particular day, our response is quite normal because we already have an idea that today we are going to get some or many gifts, we feel happy but not surprisingly, but when we get such a gift suddenly without any expectation, our level of happiness is quite different for the same.
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    I have never been so lucky to win in a lucky draw. But have won lots of competitions in school and college. Yes it's always motivating and a pleasure when you win and winner in a lucky draw is very special.

    I remember many years ago I went to a cinema hall to watch a movie and as the ticket number I won the prize and that was of an ice-cream. Although the prize was small but the taste was delicious.


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    I am generally not interested in rales ,lottery, lucky draw etc. Sometimes just out of some compulsions or for keeping relations, I take the lucky draw tickets related to some local events etc, but never bother to think about it afterwards.
    But once I got a very unexpected gift in a similar manner.
    It was about twenty five years or more ago. We purchased some textile materials from a popular shop i Kochi.(I think it was Vimal showroom ). At the payment end, after making payment when I was just going to return they asked me to fill a form and asked to drop i in a box. The form contained name and address, purchase date, bill no. etc. Just as a formality and not to dissatisfy them I did same.
    Surprisingly in the evening, I received a call saying that I got the daily draw gift of a watch. I was literally surprised and my family was very happy. The next day went to the shop and received the watch showing bill proof and ID proof.
    The coincidence was that I was thinking of buying a new watch as my then use watch was frequently needing repair.

    After that, till day, I have not got any prize in a lucky draw etc. In fact I do not participate in them at all. Even if I donate, I just forget them and ignore them.

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    When I was in my active service life then one Hindi magazine was published by our office as an annual event to honour Hindi language. We were asked to submit whatever contributions we could do. At that time I was writing some articles in Hindi for the local magazines but was not very versed with writing. So I was just thinking as what I should contribute. That time I was reading a lot of Science Fiction stories. It gave me one idea to write a science fiction story in Hindi and for struggling a week on that I could finally write one and submit it for the magazine. The magazine was published and during an annual prize distribution event I came to know that my submission was awarded one of the prizes and it was really a great moment of happiness for me. What can be more enthralling for a writer that his contribution is accepted, published, and awarded.
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    Yes. I received many surprise awards from ISC. But in my life, I received a really surprising award with my wife that I can never forget in my life.

    On 31st December 1999, when we were residing in an apartment at Kochi, the apartment members organised a party. There we 40 couples. They separated the couples and asked them to write the dress and ornaments their spouses are wearing. I wrote all the dresses and ornaments my wife wore leaving nothing including her inner wear (About 24 items). She too wrote about my simple wear correctly(Pant, Shirt, Banian, Underwear, Ring, Wrist watch, Shoes and socks, and spects)
    When the prize was distributed, I was surprised to hear the announcement of Best couples. In real life, we are not good couples. We are 180 degrees opposite. We don't get well. We argue.
    The best couple award was a great surprise to us in our life.

    Note: I have shared this information in one of the ISC thread earlier.

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    Before joining ISC I was active on a website of London. They started a new award to those members who were active on the forum. And when they announced the winner it was me. It was a pleasant surprise to me . They sent me two gifts. I was extremely pleased to have their gifts. One of their gifts I have kept safely another was used .
    Sometimes it happens when we receive any award without expecting it then it looks great and encouraging to us as the author has described her experience. She was happy to receive her award. She should be happy as she Did not expect to receive it. But when her name was announced as the runner up it might be a great moment for her and her husband.

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