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    Women doesn't have the right to express.

    We all live in a patriarchial society, even today woman is not allowed to express herself or raise her voice. Though the family members are rude and angry with her she has to silently bare it and follow their orders. If she tries to explain or give an answer it is considered that she is a careless and she doesn't have fear. Despite of fulfilling all her duties and taking care of all the needs of family members, she has to face different attitudes of the family members.

    Still she has to behave nicely with all family members and she can't even try to explain her situation or if she is talking to her husband in loud voice it is considered she doesn't know how to respect and often her parents are blamed that they have not brought up the daughter properly.

    Doesn't she have the right to answer for someone's anger or she can't explain anything to defend herself when she is blamed? Is there anything wrong for a woman to talk loud or defend herself?
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    I do agree that the women sulks and does not come out with complaints or whatsoever in open. But they get various kinds of ill treatment and face off at the home and outside. The law is most favourable to women and the law enforcing agencies are most helpful to women. But the thing is that women need to have counseller reach or someone who can assure them that the law is firmly behind them. The state govts should have free legal access to women problems and the women police should be ready to reachout to them at any time. The things are moving fast for the women emancipation in right spirit.
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    Defending oneself is not wrong in any way, whether it is a man or a woman, both have the right to express themselves, and there must be a way to express that and it applies to both of them. We have the right to express our feelings, now how to express those feelings depends on our own values ??and values. If it is wrong for a woman to speak in a loud voice then It is also wrong for a man to shout in a loud voice or use abusive words. It is not a big deal to have any kind of debate or arguments in the husband-wife relationship, but it is sensible that some issues should be limited to both. It has been a long time in our society that if a husband is angry with his wife in front of the family, it is okay but if the wife answers him in the same way, then it is wrong. One of the biggest contributors to the growth of this thinking is that of women themselves. The injustice that women have endured themselves, they expect from other women. But now time and thinking of some people already changed and now many women can express their feelings, confidently.
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    I agree this is the fate of our society were a man is considered to be strong with all the rights to do what ever he needs and a women a weaker sex who is bound to bear things. I have see every where, a women is advised to adjust and co operate as men will have too many tensions and work pressure. Even if a women has work pressure or tensions, she is the one still expected to adjust. And what ever happens, women will be blamed for everything. I doubt if there will ever be any change or improvement in society towards women.
    A women might have all the freedom to speak and do what she wants at her parents' house but once she is married, no matter how educated she is, she is still blamed and expected to do everything and adjust. But if the same in-laws have daughter, then she is given all the freedom to think and fly. There is lot of difference in treating a woman of their house and a woman who came do live in their house.

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    I don't think such conditions are there these days anywhere. Once upon a time, people used to treat housewive differently. She is having no voice. I even heard that some wives were not allowed to talk her husband in presence of parents in law. But there is a change in the situation. Women are also going out and performing all the jobs on par with gents and competing with them in almost all the activities. Even in families also their opinions are matter much.
    Of course, the conditions mentioned by the author may be there in remote villages. I have no idea about it. But such type of treatment to women should not be acceptable these days. We talk about many things about women empowerment etc. Such acts should be condemned.

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    The women have a right to express themselves in the family or in the society. There is no rule against it. It is for the women to exercise the right. Nothing will come out by complaining. The women have to assert themselves. These days, the women are shining in all the fields along with men. They have to freely express their opinions. If they are not doing it, it is their fault.
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    Yes, the threat is applicable in modern society. But the situation has improved to a certain level. In a family all are dependent to the female and expect that they should provide all the things properly as per their demands. There are various demands from children to elders. They have seen this system are continuing from earlier generation, and they have habituated. On the other hands the female members are also continuing with their devotional responsibility. We all know that the female are changes by nature i. e. love and affection where the male changes by ambition, the male thus playing this game with the female and always trying to keep them in such condition. No rules can alter such situation until the female can protest actively and the family members can understand the feelings and support accordingly.
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    I think this thread is probably a result of some particular experience(firsthand or otherwise) which is generalised.

    Though I do not totally deny that such things happening, I can say that now such things are very minimum an sporadic. In many families, things have started becoming just opposite. The opposite happenings are not coming out as expressively and openly because of social sigma attached to it and because people still believe stereotypically that only women are suffering.

    But one thing we can say is that generally in families, the women being the centre for the family's bonding and strength, keep more poise and calm mostly for the well being of the family. They feel happy when they se that situations which could have otherwise ben aggravated and worsened had actually calmed and turned positive due to their patience and calmness. Such women do no take it as demeaning or suffering but feel delighted that they could solve problems and keep the family moving.
    In such cases the women also get respect and regard better and more than others. Over years they get bold and get a commanding and decisive voice when it is needed.

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    I partially agree with the author. It is true taht our society is primarily based on patriarchal system for ages, undoubtedly changes are also taking place but situation is still not rather fair. In some parts of our society women are still not treated fairly. They are deprived of their due rights which are entitled to avail as men do. They need equality as well equity in our social system without any prejudice and partiality.
    But if we see reality of this whole system we see discrimination starts within family at the hands of another elderly woman who is her mother. She also loves her son more than her daughter and also she wants to have more sons than daughters. Why she discriminates her daughter on the basis of gender . Why she doesn't treat both her son and daughter on equal terms. Why a girl is attached to her father more than her mother. I think women need to change their mentality .
    If the author has eyes on ground realities she will realise that it is the patriarchal system which is giving equal rights to women. I think women want to remain hapless creature. e.g. why do they want reservation in DTC if they find themselves equal to male passengers. There is reservation system for women, old citizens and handicapped. Why these ladies want themselves to be in reserved category. I think women should oppose because I think rather I have firm belief they are as strong as men are. They are not weak or hapless human beings. They may compete with man's world.

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    These things are changing now and the women who are financially independent and bold are not getting such treatment as mentioned by the author. In fact other family members are afraid of them and do not raise their voices unnecessarily. These bold women can leave the house at any time if situation goes out of the control. They know how to live alone in this world. At the same time these bold women are few in numbers. In majority of the houses men are still dictating the terms. The systems and traditions which were there for thousand of years cannot be changed in a few years. It will take some time but we are moving in a correct direction. It may increase the number of divorces but now women do not care for the divorce threat as they know that they can survive by doing some job. So, women should try to get some qualifications and build courage for any such eventuality. They should also know their legal rights.
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    I would like to point a particular phrase that is used a couple of times in the thread. That is 'it is considered'. Who is considering a woman careless if she doesn't follow an order? I agree many males try to dominate females and that's why the law is in favour of women in many cases but that should not restrict a woman to raise her voice or express her feelings. We are used to living in a society where males carry out the responsibilities outside the home and women inside the home. Earlier, women were mostly confined to household duties and hardly ventured out in the professional fields. Time has changed and women are taking every kind of responsibilities and managing them equally along with doing the household chores. They have equal rights and if somehow their rights are curtailed they can seek proper justice for redress.

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