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    Do you think playing games in mobile is better than watching youtube for kids?

    Almost everyone are addicted to mobile these days. We see mobile as soon as we open are eyes in the morning and while going to bed. And kids are also very badly addicted to phones. They want to watch youtube every time. If there is no phone, then having food is also difficult or doing any work is also difficult. These is the condition of kids these days.
    And I have heard from many people saying in order to have less impact on eyes, they have installed games on phone so that they kids are engaged in playing games rather than watch you tube. But whether games on watching rhymes, too much screen time will affect the eyes of kids. Parents might justify that playing games is better for their satisfaction but it will also be impacted.

    Do you also feel playing games on phone is much better?
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    Whether playing games on cell phone or watching You tube for lessons or information, both are harmfull to eyes and behavior as invariably when the children hooked to gadgets they are not caring anybody in the vacinity and thus the elders feel that they are being not cared by the children. Moreover if the mother is present when browsing through the Youtube and cell phone game is permissiable but not in her absence. Most of the parents feel that by giving by giving gadgets to the children they can do their work and not disturbed but they are spoling the very character of the child.
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    Both ways are wrong, the use of mobile more than necessary, is harmful, not only the children, but also to the elders. If the parents themselves make the habit of playing games to children on mobiles in this way, then the child will not be late for this gaming addiction. This is true that nowadays every child watches mobile but playing games in mobile is not good for them, much better than this, parents show some good educational or learning videos to the child in front of them in YouTube, so that the child can learn something and spend his time but it Should not be too long. If more mobile is given in the hands of the children, then proper development of the children is interrupted.
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    Both are harmful to eyes as well mind. The children should be allowed to play out and that too with limitation and watching. Many parents, I am seeing, leaving their children with mobiles or computer to keep themselves out from them.
    In addition to this many parents, by seeing cinemas and following foreign culture they provide separate room and not entering (etiquette) even in fire. This makes them free from 'all' and spoil themselves.

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    Spending too much time on mobile whether it is video games or YouTube is going to harm children. Why these children are becoming addicted to mobile is due to negligence of their parents. They should control their children in using mobile, rather they should focus on their study. But it doesn't mean that children should be deprived of using mobile or playing games.
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    Games are addictive activities. Every time we try to make a new score and not able to leave it until we are called by others that enough is enough and now do some work also. Children are the tender lot and once they have fallen in that trap then it is very difficult to channelise them in some constructive work as they will always find that playing games is an easier option. We must note that the world online gaming industry is making a revenue of more than $150 billion per year (Rs 120000 crores) and that is only possible when children and all adults are spending a good time in these addictive games.
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    In my opinion, both are equally bad when they do that for longer times. These activities are harmful to people of all ages. So nobody should spend more time on such activities. The effect will be more for children. They will lose their time and they can't concentrate on their studies also. So they may not score well in the examinations. So we should not encourage children to participate in such activities. I suggest elders also should not spend more time on their
    mobiles so that the chances for their children to involve in such activities will become less.

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    Spending less time with mobile devices is a better idea. Can the parents afford that? I don't think so. In most of the places, you will find both the parents remain busy with their mobile gadgets and have no time fo their children. As compensation, shall I say it a compensation, the children are lured with a mobile device by their parents and they are doing whatever they feel like to do with those devices. When such a bad habit is formed, rather than rectifying it's just an excuse to say playing games is better than watching videos. Is the time spent on those mobile devices reduce when the kids are playing games? I am looking for an answer.

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    Some parents are encouraging their children to play games in mobile and feel proud of it that their children are so intelligent. Actually playing games make them a passive worker and not an intelligent one. Game addiction is a disease of modern society.
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