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    Why are diabetic patients not following good Indian medicine?

    In the South of India, and in particular, Tamil Nadu, there are a massive number of diabetic patients. Each of these diabetic patients always choose allopathy and consume a massive number of medicines with side effects.

    However, homeopathy, Ayurveda and Siddha are very famous and have medicines that do not have side effects. These medicines are not sold over the counter. There are highly qualified doctors who prescribe these medicines and when the sugar is under control, there is absolutely no need for dialysis at all. However, one is given to understand that this treatment should start very early. And it is absolutely essential to not mix allopathy with any of these streams of medicine.

    Members who know specific details of the Indian methods of medicine may share their knowledge and or experiences.
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    Whatever may be the type of treatment to a disease, a confidence and belief should be in their mind. Instructions given by the doctors should be sincerely adhered. A diabetic patient, known to me, changing doctor by doctor of ayurveda, allopathy. He once consulted a doctor immediately he( a good computer savvy)refer computer and the its and buts of the medicines prescribed to him. After consuming a day's dose he set aside as it has no effect. Most of the diabetic patients do not adhere food control, walking etc.
    Besides websites, medias confusing patients and patients should keep in their mind that treatment, advises will differ from person to person according to their body control.

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    It is said that diabetes is a life style disease in the sense that with good lifestyle it can be managed. At the sane time taking Ayurvedic or other natural medicines would also be helpful in such cases but until the combination of these two that is good lifestyle and natural medicines is applied in rap sense, no relief would be obtained. One has also to note that the natural treatments require a long time for their effects to be seen and they are to be taken for quite a long time. Only expert Ayurvedic doctors would be able to advise the correct course of action in the matter.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Patients are often confused what system would suit them most. They are often confused with the medicines being prescribed by the allopathic doctors. However, once medicines in that pattern are continued for sometime noticing even satisfactory results both in terms of fasting blood sugar and post prandial sugar. Then they are influenced with their advising the patients resorting to medicines of Ayurveda System. They include Giloy, Neem, Aloevera for reducing their blood sugar levels apart from the usual medicines prescribed by the Allopathic doctors causing fluctuations in the sugar level. This leads to a situation when they are in the state of ambiguity. They drop the Allopathic medicines and continue Ayurvedic medicines on and off basis. Finally the situation becomes out of control and then resort to Homeopathic system for sometime. They don't follow regularity in respect of consumption of medicines. Finally a stage comes when no remedy works because of changing of the systems and irregularities in consuming the medicines.
    Diabetes is the condition of the body which needs stricter control with respect to diet, avoidance of sweets and some physical exercise to control the blood sugar. Even the stress is the contributory factor in the elevation of blood sugar level.

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    The Ayurvedic medicines do not give immediate results. They act slowly and give quantifiable and distinguishable relief only after some period. In the case of conditions like diabetes which interferes in many things, systems like Ayurveda cannot be resorted to on certain situations.

    Actually many people know they are diabetics after the problem has we set in. Then there may be some conditions and situations which have to be managed by first controlling the sugar level. At this scenario, only allopathic medicine can give results.

    As the native medicines-mostly herbal and plant origins- are now becoming scarce to procure,as the ingredients are many and processes are laborious, it needs time for production and production cost too is more. Hence the medicines are costing more.
    Moreover as the present day production methods are a compromise of the old and new,the efficacy is also lesser than the the traditional methods. They can give correct desired results only if the patient follows a very strict life style and food habits. All these affect the efficacy of the medicines requiring more longer duration. There was no governmental level encouragement to these systems until a few years ago. It is only after the starting of AYUSH by central government that these systems also get noticed and encouraged.

    Due to all the above points, our people were more using allopathic medicines even though they have side effects .

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    Being a diabetic patient I am using the Methi soaked over the night and drink the water with seeds early in the morning and that keeps me fit all through the day without feeling tired. I also take neem leaves and chew them as betel leaves as our body needs neem taste to fight the sugar content inside. And as far as vegetable and fruits are concerned we regularly use the bitter guard in the curry and the kiwi fruit is daily taken. Apart from the above the timing of the food is very important with regular five to six hours interval some little food be taken and not the rice. If these things are followed, I think one need not depend and worry about the diabetic increase. We have the diabetic check machine at the home and regularly monitor the same and have the control over the food and the in take of it thereof. So diabetic can be controlled.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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