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    We need to become assertive of our rights

    Some four years and odd years ago, the entire Tamil race of Chennai, irrespective of caste, or community or religion gathered at Marina Beach to protest against the Central Government's move to ban Jallikattu, a popular but somewhat dangerous sport that involves taming of wild bulls during the Pongal festival.

    This simply flamed similar protests throughout Tamil Nadu. The then Chief Minister, Mr. OPS, had to stay put at New Delhi and get an urgent law enacted to facilitate the sport. In popular perception, this was the last known mass uprising of people. Unfortunately, the democratic protests of the farmers in New Delhi is not fetching the same response from the Modi Government. However, what we now learn from these mass protests is that the Govt of the day at least needs to come out of its shell and get to do something.

    Mass protests against injustice for whatever reason are possibly the only way in which the common man can protest to get his or her grievances addressed on a massive scale.
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    There is difference between these two mass protests to a very great extent and there is no one to one correspondence between the two. The first one was localised within Tamil Nadu and people of Tamil Nadu presented their case themselves and did not use any middlemen for it and they got what they wanted. On the other hand the farmers movement is still not confirmed as a farmers movement as middlemen are more active in it and getting help from the outside agencies. Their agenda was never to talk and deliberate the new laws but that was more and less confined to malign the image of the country in the world and they got support from the leftists and opposite parties. The things became apparent when the same people were seen there who were seen in Shaheen bagh and JNU, Delhi. It was not a coincidence that we saw them in place of the farmers. It was planted and planned by some destabilising forces.
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    Mass protests in all and every issue cannot and may not yeild the right results. If the Jallukattu mass protests was the success and made the central and state govt to enact a law and make it legal ritual, the farmers protest was the instigated one and the new farm law actually protect the interest of the farmers and thus fizzled out. In future also if the mass get into protest for no reason, the very idea of protest would be dealt with severely. And henceforth the govt is contemplating law to make it people and organization responsible for any financial loss that occurs due to mass protests.
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    I have also heard about disputed jallikattu issue and good to know that it was settled. As far as farmers protest is concermed it has attracted all farmers worldwide especially in those countries where these or similar laws have already been introduced. Now a days these farmer leaders are travelling to different states to tell the people that they should oppose BJP government as recently they visited West Bengal because elections are going to be held there they are also visiting in other South Indian states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala. They will also go to Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Assam. Now they are mainly focussed on defeating the BJP in state elections . How much people accept their appeal result of these elections will tell us.
    One thing is sure that these laws will not be revoked come what may.

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    In any mass protest, if the people are really participating without instigation from any political party, the chances of success are high.
    I remember the agitation for the Vizag steel plant. All people of the state actively participated and students also participated. No political party instigated the people to participate. A committee is farmed and under that committee, the whole agitation has taken place and finally, the government accepted and sanctioned the plant. Now the same plant is going for privatisation. There is an agitation going on to stop privatisation. But the public is not that active and they are not protesting that much. But political leaders and employees of the company are participating in this agitation. What happens is to be seen.

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