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    The poor ought to be protected at any cost

    The Government of Tamil Nadu is always far ahead of most other States in terms of development and the main reason for this is the good investment in social security measures. The chief of this is the Public Distribution System, where each family, below a particular income, is given 20 kgs of rice.

    As usual, there were some noises about this "drain on the economy". This is the worst ever argument by those who never understand ground realities. One also understands that this model of giving free rice or wheat is followed by other States as well. In fact, the only contributor to social peace is this quantity of rice or wheat that reaches the poor.

    The rich industrialists will lobby with the Government for "concessions. The middle class has its own lobby. However, those at the bottom of the pyramid need to have good security. This has to be from the State coffers. However, if the Corporates want to donate money to this cause, they should be given a total 100% deduction in Corporate tax. If individuals contribute, there should be a total exemption under some section of the IT Act, to the tune of 100% direct deduction from total income before the taxable income is calculated.

    Let us note that this benefit is not available to all. It should not be available to all. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, there is a scheme where we only get some sugar at some subsidized cost. If the horrible crony capitalists can be protected through so many laws, the poor should not be denied their rights at any cost.
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    The free rice scheme being provided by the Tamil Nadu govt is excellent and where as one rupee is being charged in our state, TN is giving free rice. Surely poor needed to be protected and other big projects can be stopped and even postponed but the state must make provisions for the free rice, wheat and sugar scheme through the public distribution system. In future the the PDS cards would used for national money disbursement scheme through which the poor and down trodden would get cash transfers through their bank account as govt may not have surplus rice harvest in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The steps being taken up by the Tamilnadu Government is praiseworthy where the poors are provided adequate rations for meeting their demands. The free ration system with the provision of rice is providing substantial relief to them. However, there should be a strict discipline to identify such class of people needing these provisions otherwise revenue deficit of the state would mount up affecting other constructive activities. However, steps taken up by the government in the different areas speak of its sincerity in alleviation of hardship of the people in the different segments such as provision of relief in the daughter's marriage, distribution of cycles of the girl children and host of welfare measures for the enrichment of their lives.

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    The purpose of a Govt is two fold. First is to encourage industry and generate employment and take corporate tax from the companies and income tax from the rich people. At the same time it has also to monitor that rich people are not earning from doubtful channels where the rights of the common people are compromised. Removing and containing the corruption is also a big task that every Govt has to strive for. Second thing is to help and care to the poor through various schemes like subsidised grains and other essential commodities. In the developed and advanced countries their Govt gives unemployment allowance to the unemployed persons. So there are many ways to help the financially backward people and in that matter the subsidised ration is a good step. Only care to be taken is that this should not be used as a tool of appeasement by the political leaders to woo the voters and win in the election. If that is the intention then the whole purpose of doing good is defeated.
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    Being a Tamilian, I am happy that the PDS is working fine with free distribution of rice, and other items like sugar, oil and wheat at subsidised rates. But pity is that many people do not consume the rice supplied due to its poor quality. Most of the rice is eaten by the cattle, and undistributed and manipulated rice is exported to other states by intelligent guys connected with PDS. System is good, but there are many loop holes in the system.

    People sell rice at very low cost to hoteliers where it is used for preparing Idly and Dosai.

    What I sincerely suggest is that it should not be rested with the government to care the poor, but also by the rich and ultra rich people of the country should care the poor of this country. Every rich man should adopt a few villages and care them well.

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    I was given to understand that the Tamil Nadu govt is doing better than the Jaya regime and all the credit should go to Palaniswamy for giving thrust to welfare schemes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is right. Protection towards poor is a basic duty of the rulers. As told many big industrialists, with minimum exception, do concentrate on themselves and they totally ignore poor and middle class. But in one way they are also expecting from Government. I have seen in Chennai, big business concerns do not care or even pay glance on the poor maintenance of road in front of their own organization. The roads found overflown with gutter especially during rainy seasons. But these people do not care to repair or initiate steps to draw the attention of concerned at least for the sake of their customers.
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    I appreciate your state government for thinking too much about poor people. I think other states should emulate and provide similar facilities to lowest class of the society. In my state to general public only 5 kg wheat is given per person However, those poorest class that has antodaya card are given free or almost free wheat. I don't know if any other thing is given to people. Public distribution system provide several things on paper but on ground only wheat is given on subsidies rate.
    Governments are rich . These leaders avail freebies a lot Corporate sector is given special deductions and even their loan is written off. But some people as the author has also written about that they object and raise fingers on freebies or subsidised rate.

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