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    Can we possibly have Adani Marina Beach Pvt Limited as well?

    If one looks at how the Adani group has grown since 2014, when total control of six airports was given to them by bending some laws, and many ports are under their control as well, with numerous concessions being given to this group by the Govt, there has been a spate of articles on Crony capitalism.

    This cannot go on like this. There is a popular joke that perhaps the Government may sell away even part of the prestigious Marina Beach ( the second largest beach in the world) may be privatized and it may be renamed as Adani Marina Beach Pvt. Limited!!!

    One needs to look at all facts and not take sides. Am collecting facts and shall present them with solid data. We really need to debate how this group should corner all contracts and virtually become so rich. We just cannot accept crony capitalism at any cost.
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    If VGP golden resort can happen and have its activities on entertainment, why not Adani group take away the entire stretch of Marina and go as the entertainment Industry. The author claimed it to be a joke, the proposal seems to be very attractive and thanks to the author as Adani has got new idea to establish the base in South. Why the author is after the famous Industrial house who are proving a challenge to other world brands and even in India they are growing further their products and promotions to which the author need not take on them. By the way why the author wants to make a joke a big issue.
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    This thread has to be seen in two angles.
    1. In its general academic sense
    2. In its political angle

    General academic sense based on trends:
    Yes, by the trends of privatisation of many sectors being followed in our country since the nineties, we cannot be surprised if we see our beaches and tourist spots being given to private parties for their operation and maintenance and being available as a commercial service product on payment.

    At the time of Independence our leaders adopted the mixed economy. Certain sectors like Defence, Railways, Aviation, Posts and Telegraphs and some more sectors which are high capital demanding and employment generating were kept exclusively under public sector. While some others were given both to private and public sector.
    Being a nascent economy the main focus was manufacturing, agriculture and employment generation. Hence more emphasis to governmental control and direction was needed in this .

    But as by and by the country became a stable economy, and unemployment was getting reduced, the focus was growth and spread. By that time the private capital was also available from internal as well as external sources. There was a need to integrate our economy to the global economy to gain the benefits of modernisation and diversification..Thus from the nineties the focus was 'Privatisation, Liberalisation and Globalisation". This started from the governments of Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and continued with Manmohan Singh govt also. Many sectors were opened to Indian private entrepreneurs as well as to multinational investors. Some public sector units were disinvested by selling the shares to private investors and common public.

    During this scenario, the independence time private industrialists like Tatas, Birla, Goenkas, Mafatlals, etc and etc were slowly losing their exclusive prominence and new industrialists and business groups like Ambanis, Adanis started emerging using new technologies and using the more open capital market.

    Political angle
    It is now the fashion and escape route slogan for the present opposition and mainly the leftist groups to magnify and present a scary picture to the public demonising the Ambanis and Adanis. The truth is that both these groups were patronised and helped by the earlier Congress/UPA governments also. But from 2014, when the governance became more transparent and more digital,avenues of corruption slowly dwindled. Many political parties became restless due to this. So they with other conniving business houses and vested interest media groups started using this plank of demonising Ambani-Adanias the cause of all present and futyre ills. The truth is that while Ambanis and Adanis wer already there and were given sanction and encouragement by the earlier Congress governments, more and more local business groups also started flourishing. But as the general public were not aware or the vested interest media did not mention about them the Ambanis and Adanis were made the shadow enemy.

    This is just a wrong and deceitful propaganda.

    For example, you will be surprised to know that the owner of the Lulu group- M A Yousuf Ali- has dominant shares stakes in all the Kerala based banks and various other sectors like Aviation etc in Kerala. But the leftists in Kerala who get benefit from this group in various ways will not mention about this private group or many other similar groups. In Kerala many sectors are under the indirect control and monopoly of the leftist groups-especially co-operative sector. But-they will describe it in a very clever camouflaged way.
    So the thread also falls under the opposition political propaganda category too.

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    Venkiteswaran sir has shared some insight to this thread that the Lefitsts in Kerala are earning through promoting one group and that is new information for us. And we thought and also the author opined that Left parties work for the labor class and not the capitalists and that is proved wrong. If left parties can shift their stand then why not the NDA govt. By the way the thread itself is about the thought process of the author and nothing do with the reality as it was mentioned.
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    I do not know why the author of this thread is dead against Adani and Ambani. I think they are much visible than others in India. Venkiteswaran has explained it very clearly. Adani and Ambanis are not new bachchus born today and became rich overnight. They are present since the Congress rule in India. Congress also helped these Adani and Ambani group and benefitted. Now being in opposition they are criticizing and blaming the upcoming Adani and Ambani. Privitation is not a new thing. There are many things that got privatized. There are beaches owned by private parties like VGP golden beach. Private parties maintain well than the government. If Marina beach is handed over to Adani, I am sure, the beach would become a world class beach.
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    Privatisation was started by congress party and then BJP vajpai government and then Manmohan Singh government also. But the present government is more focussed on privatisation. What impact on country's economy, employment etc will be time will tell but too much of privatization is good or bad is a matter of discussion and debate. It is an undisputed fact that ruling party or the government may favour their favourable groups as the previous government were doing. Now a days it is blamed on central government that they are favouring these two world famous industrialists . But I don't think it is wrong if government received good amount from them .
    It was said that government should focus on governance instead doing business as a businessman so this privatisation was taken into reality.
    Now Government has decided to sell 50 railway stations and 150 trains. Most probably it will affect common people. The author has raised the question about privatisation of Marina beach, it can't be denied when Delhi red fort can be given on lease tomorrow Taj Mahal may also be given so what is wrong for Marina Beach too.
    It is very true that we are heading towards capitalism. Now the questions is if this privatisation of almost all public sector units is good for country as lately niti ayog has recommended some more scope for privatisation and how much income will come to government all these facts and figures have been calculated even 8 ministries have been commanded to look into this matter.
    Those public units which are in loss can be sold to corporate and there should not be any hue and cry but people are raising fingers at the sale of profit giving public units.

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    Privatisation is happening and it will continue. Manmohan Singh, who was the Finance Minister in PVNR's government and later became the Prime Minister of India told that privatisation is one way to see that productivity is maintained without getting into losses. He only privatised two government organisation and now they are two big private sector banks HDFC Bank and ICICI bank. Unless otherwise there are strong points we can't say that the government is favouring some organisation.
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    Certain privatisations are in the interest of the country only. It is true that we should not go for privatisation just like that. It is also true that if we want to come up to the standards of global trade and business practices then we have to go for privatisation only after which the efficiency and productivity will increase and our export potential will also increase. We have to compete with China and others in business and if we do not privatise how can we do this progress with rusted Govt departments. There are many areas where improvements are urgently required and they are to be given in private hands.
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    Privatisation would be essential to make the people disciplined and they should have the entire information how they can contribute significantly towards the objective of the company. Productivity at the enhanced rates should be their prime objectives and the company would be no more interested to know their backgrounds from where they are belonging. Their capabilities in raising the production is the only essential attributes they should have. Considering the performance of our public sectors units, where there is erosion of the capitals, switching over to private business is the most appropriate step to revive the economy.

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    The meteoric rise of the Adani Group after 2013, is a worthy case study. The growth of this company is at a time when the other infra companies are shedding their assets. This group bagged 25 out of 126 contracts in Natural Gas Network and Fuel Stations. Those areas do not have proper network transport of gas to these places. The acquisitions by this company are also noteworthy. It entered new business areas. Bagged the contract for 6 airports in violation of the rules. This company is localized in Gujarat until 2013. After that, it has a presence all over India. It has 44 projects in India by 2013. By 2018, the number of projects grew to 92 in number. How this company is managing so many projects and wherefrom it is getting its' finances is a wonder.

    The unbridled privatization is a sure recipe for social disaster as said by the late Prime Minister Vajpayee.

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    Only KVVR Sir knows the truth and has come out with the vital statistics. It is a pity that so many Members do not raise even the slightest concern with the dictator type of culture that is creeping this country. The Prime Minister and his trusted deputy, who often talks rubbish, and goes about talking as if there is no Opposition in the country at all, need to be taught some lessons. As KVVR Sir as said, you can break all the rules and favor this Adani group with the airports !! Anil Ambani, the rogue industrialist, was given over a one hundred crores by the banks for his defunct Reliance Communication.

    Yet, we seem to believe all the lies. For every horrible action and decision, you cannot blame Congress. There were far more intellectuals in that party. In the ruling party, we have too many jokers, who have ruined this country.

    We just cannot support crony capitalism. These two guys, the Ambanis and Adanis, are a big threat to perfect competiton in India.

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    According to the Adani Group website, it is a diversified organization in India with a market cap of over $80 billion (as of 2nd March 2021) comprising 6 publicly traded companies. The debt of the company is not known. The IANS news agency, basing on the Bloomberg data, the debt is presumed at Rs 99,181.09 crore.
    There is a lot of information on this group on the online news portal. From that only, the figures are quoted in my previous response and the present response. Nearly one lakh crore loans is a huge amount. These loans might have been taken from the banks only.

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    I am often wondering about why few always got stuck with these two only. i.e., Adani & Ambani.

    I am in my early forties and I have seen many biggest brands demolished who once ruled the Indian market with a simple reason that those just could not handle the market pressure. This comes in variety of ways like unable to cope with the technological upgradations or in terms of services being provided to the customers. There is a cutthroat competition and if you are not efficient enough to manage your portfolios with the changing market scenario then most probably you are going to die soon, and no one would care to come for your help / assistance. So, when you are only responsible for your survival then you tend to go to whatever level that you are capable of and that is what the businessman does, and no one can be an exception here. These two businesses houses are most aggressive in their approach for market capturing and business expansion but then what is the problem here?

    Only a few years back no one was aware of Baba Ramdev and now we recognize him in association with a major brand in the FMCG sector in the name of "Patanjali "and now few are beginning to feel sickness of his progress too.

    What is so wrong with us?

    There are thousands of industries / entrepreneurs working on Indian soil but are based abroad. They earn money and send of their huge profit back to their land and we have absolutely no problem with them. But when it comes to Indian industries / entrepreneurs more especially Adani & Ambani who invest here and abroad too, and the money are coming back to our own land which would again be invested in some other portfolios to facilitate the respective areas we suddenly beginning to feel some sort of indigestion.

    To my personal understanding and do not you feel that these two among other emerging are the biggest threat to multinational companies who are eyeing on Indian market?

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    Sir is not this would be the matter of pride if the things go as per your original post.
    "the prestigious Marina Beach (the second largest beach in the world) may be privatized and it may be renamed as Adani Marina Beach Pvt. Limited!!!"

    That finally some Indian company has been established to that height.

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    As a good citizen of India we should not favour blind privatisation. That could adversely affect the job situation and may give some people opportunity to make fortune out of that because of their business acumen ship and other calibre. So, the solution lies in selective privatisation which can bring efficiency, increase productivity, and bring more jobs for the unemployed people. Any policy with such objectives is welcome. We have also seen the difference of efficiency and discipline in Govt versus PSU versus private organisation and there is no need of reiterate all those things due to which our progress in the export and other international arenas was hampered badly. Today things are changing and I feel proud to say that India is being recognised as a Military power, a kind hearted country to help the world by supplying corona vaccine, an emerging economy in SE Asia, a threat to many whose business is being snatched by India by all round improvement, and many other laurels like that. To achieve all this we need the help of innovators and entrepreneurs which dwell in the private companies only.
    Knowledge is power.

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