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    Life is full of fake people but before you decide to judge them, make sure you’re not one of them

    In life, we come across many people whom we don't like. Sometimes we become so judgemental that we judge people so quickly without giving them enough time to prove themselves. It's very easy to judge others but very rarely we see within us and realize that we too are fake sometimes for others.

    It depends on you, how you deal with fake people if you have really judged them so. Always be positive in life and try to ignore such people and don't let them be close to you. Once you will create a distance you may easily be able to get rid of them. But every time and everywhere you will face such people so you cannot always ignore them or ignoring them always may not possible as you may lose. Therefore you should make a habit of living with such people without letting yourself affected by them.

    More importantly, don't let yourself be fake if you have the ability to identify fake people in your life because many times we forget that we too act like a fake person for others.
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    The author has come up with a very good social message through this post and it is the fact that we are surrounded and chased by fake people but we are unable to know them before hand. It is easy to brand some one fake and not trustable, then in that case we must be true and selfless in our approach and we must make sure that we are clean and approachable. One thing is sure people get jelous and feel like ditching us if we are successful and one step ahead of them and we must be away from such one sided thinking people. Be our own thinker and be our own decision taker to be independent.
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    I agree with the author that we are surrounded by faker and imposter people who create false paradigm in their social circle which looks attractive for other people and they are pleased to mingle with these fake people. All of them masquerade is good people but in reality they are opposite to what they show.
    I appreciate the author that he has not exemoted and it is applied to me too. Actually all of may fall in this category but it is difficult to confess. I like real people. Although all people who are attributed as fake people literally they are not fake rather they are faker and ostentatious of what they have or have not. but they show something exaggerated or something what they dont possess. In reality they are deceiving by their pretentious activities and manners.
    Real people are always great people. The don't believe in ostentatious manners of life style but these are not in large number in contrast with their opposite outnumber them. The real people who believe in reality impress me a lot. I like their company and spending as much time with them as much they allow or bear with me.

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