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    Our fear is the lonely reason for being bad motivator

    Over the period of time from the growth of child to the grown up stage we cross across so many fear phobia inside and that makes us to sulk and not try the new ideas that keep emanating in our mind. The fear may be regarding speed, the fear may be regarding shyness to express our views, the fear may be having the doubts but not getting clarified. All these are small matters and can be corrected by self motivation but again we feel drawn and not trying. What is your view on this thread and append your response.
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    The author is right that there are many ideas coming up in our minds but we feel shyness in expressing the same thinking that these ideas may not go well with other people. Hence we remain under the state of utter confusion. This can be taken care of in such families encouraging where there is the trend of free flow of the ideas. The role of the parents is more important in shaping the temperament of a child. With adequate encouragement and showing closeness their fearness can be alleviated and we can infuse right amount of confidence within them overcoming their fearness in terms of expression.

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    If we analyse the psychology of fear in the human beings then we observe certain salient points. First is the inbuilt inherent fear which is related to the heredity and upbringing of a child. The way a person is brought out determines how much fear level he or she will be having or would he or she be a fearless person. Apart from that first observation the second point is that when a person enters the real world where there is tremendous amount of competition and struggle a fear grips him as what would happen if he does not succeed. That fear is the worst of all types because many people do not attempt in a difficult situation and competitive arena just because of that fear of failing in that endeavour. They do not understand that failures are the stepping steps for our future efforts. They simply become withdrawn from the process and delve in a world of helplessness. Fear is a retarding factor in our lives. It is a big reason to demotivate even the brilliant candidates.
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    These are psychological issues the author has written about. This situation comes before those children who were suppressed or their inner urge was suffocated by their parents these children find it difficult to come out of their fear or well of small world. They find it very hard to express themselves and sometimes it becomes a mental disease for them too which might cause them lagging behind their colleagues and friends. This is why it is advised to parents to let their children speak their voice and let them play what they like as a child and let them express their thoughts and ideas . Parents need to tackle them quite patiently and calmly. It boosts their inner urge to express themselves in the best possible manner. They should be encouraged to participate in all extra curricular activities in school and they should be exposed to all new healthy activities in home and school. I am sure these problems which the author has mentioned about will not occur to them and hopefully they will emerge as the winner in the real world.

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