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    Your pride, prestige and fame is nothing if you do not have money

    If you go down the history memory lane, those who were famous ,pride and earned the prestige of their life with their acts and goodness have never came up as they expected beause they fought with the poverty and could not make an impact. The main reason being not having money. And those who are poor are not given care or credence. Their contributions gone unnoticed in the society. People weigh a person through his possession of valuable assets and the cash balance and not his hard earned character.
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    Money is not everything in our lives but it is one of the most important and preferred entity. A poor person is not recognised by anyone. Knowledge and intelligence is a personal thing. One can get a small or medium or even a big job with that but until the financial condition improves the world does not recognise us. It is a set pattern in which the society moves. Rich people get recognition just like that. One of my relatives who is very rich, 2 years back, visited the village and almost everyone came to meet him and wished him welcome words. He in fact offered a Puja in the village temple and offered a sumptuous lunch to all the villagers who are still praising him that he is a good and kind hearted fellow. The saying that - money makes the mare go - is very right in this context.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is right when he says that money has the supreme power which will enhance prestige, fame and your quality and devoid of this, you are no better than a beggar. Your generosity, being kindhearted, helpful to others are not going to pay anything. You may resort to unfair practice to earn money and once you are able to show your affluence to your locality, you will be praised. In case, you are able to construct a temple in your village or a library for the recreation purpose. You will be the superhero of the society. It is immaterial how you have accumulated your health.

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    The author is correct. In this society everything measured by money only. A relative of mine who is well educated employed in a big company with good designation but less salary comparing to others in his family. He has no identity in his in laws side because of his less salary. But he is sticking in that company because of job satisfaction and way of respect in the company.

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    I partially agree with the author . Fame is inter related with the money. People don't remember the poor howsoever good things he/she has done. There are some rare cases in the history too which contradicts it.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    I agree in today's world there is no honour, prestige and VIP treatment for you if you don't have money and materialistic things which attract other people. Poverty keeps poor people in darkness . They can't come out of this darkness easily. However, some people who belonged to poor families became famous for their extra ordinary qualities and they had money, big bungalows, fann following group etc. All these qualities have become hallmark for respect.
    Poor people generally remain poor. They find it hard to come out of this situation. Those who have all worldly luxuries should think weak and poor people to uplift them. It is not good if they don't respect poor people.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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