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    Impartial Censor Board needed for television serials

    Should an impartial Censor Board be set up to review television serials to clamp down on what people feel is the erosion of Indian culture? Is there really a need for such censorship?

    Nowadays our Indian culture has gone almost into a ditch in terms of modernism and freedom. A very good contribution to this is from television serials.

    In one serial I happened to see a student of ninth standard roaming around, talking over mobile with another student of another gender. This may be argued as freedom and society but a fire to the concerned parents. In another serial, a small boy tried to run away from the house as he faces trouble from his parents on his poor studies. In another serial, a girl child acts over-talkative.

    The serial makers may argue that they are taking only what happens in real but the pain is that this may encourage others to do the same. There should be an impartial Censor, who cannot be purchased, with a motto to protect our Indian culture.
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    Please correct with censor for sensor.

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    I do agree with the author that the television serial contents are let loose by the authorities and invariably I find more than one husband, more than one wife serials in all the languages and in actual it is not the case. The ill minds of the mother in law in taking revenge on the daughter inlaw serials are doing much rounds in Tamil. Now the new trend of unseen characters entering the body of hero or heroine and making fun of the total serial. These are made for TRP ratings and for us nothing to learn and if our children watch these serials they learn more about bad and forget the good things.
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    I don't watch t.v. serials . They are just waste of time, it is in our opinion though but other people who like to watch t.v. serials can not be blamed for it . I have noticed that immodest advertisement in t.v. are uncensored. Why there is no such system which may nuisance in and around our home.
    I see many young ladies watch t.v. serials quite enthusiastically. However if wrong advertisement are banned or at least their advatisement should be censored. I have seen some dirty advertisement while watching any match on t.v. it sounds too bad and I think such advertisement are displayed in t.v. serials also. If you notice them carefully you can't sit with your family while watching t.v serials

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    I think the same topic was raised earlier too but fail to understand how the censor board is going to serve a purpose.

    Watching a particular program is your choice and not watching it is also among your choices since no one is forcing you to watch anything. I am unable to understand what role the censor board should play here when the parents can easily control the television-watching time for the kids. In this thread, the author has mentioned a couple of serials. When you are complaining about the stories of those serials why watch them even for a moment? The term freedom must not be misunderstood. If showing anything is considered a freedom of expression to the directors/producers of the serials then not watching them is also a freedom that is enjoyed by the public. When turning off the program or surfing another channel is well within your control why we will invite others to control what we see?


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