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    There is always a combination of science and spirituality.

    During school and college days, we had read in science that we have different glands in our body, and hormones secreted from these glands play a very important role, and sometimes these hormones also cause our feelings and emotions. It is also true that human nature is formed to a large extent due to its many genetic properties and many biological structures. But it is also true that our nature is a reflection of our values ??and etiquette.

    Is a person's more angry nature or meek nature, due to his genetic and hormones, and can it be changed?

    It is also said that the most important gland of the human body is the pituitary gland and the main function of the this gland is to control the hormones secreted from other glands in the body. This pituitary gland is situated in the same place as our Command Chakra or Agya Chakra. Perhaps this is why our spiritual books explained the importance of meditation so that we can control other actions and emotions of our body by keeping control over our pituitary gland. This combination of science and spirituality can help a human to control itself.
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    I don't know and I can't say . Meditation is good for mental peace and health. Science is a different field. We should not run after scientific research or theories to prove meditation as scientifically proven method . I never do meditation the way as it's done as I have heard about meditation.
    One question often comes in mind as it is said that meditation teaches to control anger . Such a person is calm in nature. But we have read in mythological stories that those saints who would do meditation in jungle and would spend their time alone or with their disciples if they were disturbed they would curse the persin who had disturbed them. This anger shows something else. Why such big saints could not control their anger despite doing meditation for several years.
    Spirituality is essential for human life. I like spirituality to improve my inner soul without considering what scientific research have said about spirituality.

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    There are various cultures in the world evolved through the different civilisations and have something of this nature in their scriptures and in our culture it is the spirituality, meditation, and Yoga that are being given importance for our spiritual growth. Science has grown from the art of observations and explaining things in a logical manner. Now both these areas are altogether different in their approach and activities and in due course of time it might be possible that both of them merge giving us a holistic solution and till that time this is only a matter of faith and doing those things and enjoying the perceived benefits. It is possible that by taming our mind we can get physical benefits but that is to be felt only by the person who is experiencing it as it would not get mass expectance till it is validated by science and that is the thing that is required now is to amalgamate all knowledge in one, testing it and making a robust model.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not know anything about the glands and the chakras mentioned by the author. I do pranayama whenever I wake up early and remember to do it. I have tried meditation many times. Whenever I sit for meditation, I get all sorts of thoughts that were not there before meditation. I have tried many times but every time I face the same problem of various thoughts coming to my mind the moment I start meditation. I was advised that it is common and I should not stop trying to do meditation. So far I am not successful to control my thoughts during meditation. Something wrong with me and I stopped trying also.
    Meditation is very good and to be practiced by all. It certainly will calm the mind which is good for the health of the body and mind. Meditation certainly involves science and spirituality as mentioned by the author. I do pranayama on and off and I feel very happy on those days when I do pranayama. These are all scientifically developed by our ancestors. Great people they are. There is nothing religious about yoga, pranayama, and meditation. They are for universal health and to be practiced by all irrespective of religion and region.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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