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    One who has a habit of sleeping in the journey can lose a lot.

    It is a very common thing that we often see that when people travel, many times they fall asleep during the journey. I am not talking about sleeping at night in this long journey, here I mean by the sleep, that travelers keep having even on a short journey. Some people are so much used to nap that if they are just sitting on a bus, they start to sleep as soon as the bus starts, and in this way, they complete their sleep by moving with the bus.

    This sort of sleeping is not a good habit in every short journey. Sometimes it can be understood that a person will feel tired, so it happened but it is not right to be every time. In such a situation, there are many losses, many times a person can get hurt due to just a sudden brake, a thief or a crooked person can also take advantage of your sleep and your luggage can be stolen.

    If there is such a sleeping problem, then the person should take some rest before the journey so that the person only enjoys the journey in his/her journey. You will be safe and also feel happy after seeing the beautiful views outside.

    As a writer, my experience so far has been that when we connect with nature at the time of the journey, many new and unique ideas arise in our minds that may take the form of a beautiful creation.
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    I have seen many people sleeping just after 5-10 minutes of start of journey. They go in deep sleep and get up only when they feel fresh or reach their destination. Most of the people use the journey time in taking the rest as before that they might be very busy in their work. When I was in my active service life, I had to go from one place to another in Bus or taxi or sometimes in train. Once I was travelling in a train and I had a nap. When I got up, I found that my handbag was gone. It was a big loss to me as I had to go to Railway police station to lodge a complaint and had all the hassles but I did not get it back.
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    Many a time I have seen people sleeping when they get the opportunity no matter it may be short power nap. When I was traveling to Madras, the fellow passenger was supposed to get down at Sulurpeta and I know the train stops for a minute Though I alerted him to wake up as the station was approaching he never cared and thus I also kept quiet. As soon as the people entered compartment as asked him to get up as they want to sit, he was hurrying to get down with whole lots of luggage but by the time the train has crossed the platform and the next stop is Chennai. Many passengers scolded the person for being lazy and not getting up. Even in city buses, if the passengers get seat they would have short power nap and no matter the bus surpass their stop as the sleeping passenger has the bus pass to travel any number of time.
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    That's correct. There are many people who are habituated to fall asleep during the journey and I found there are a few who wake up just in time of getting down. This may be a habit to some but it is always advisable to remain alert during the journey. When a person is asleep during the journey he is not aware whether the destination has arrived or not and after waking up if he finds that he failed to get down in time then both time and money is lost unnecessarily. This may happen due to a lack of sleep but everyone must be careful about it. Nowadays, there are a lot of means to stay awake during a long journey and people should avail those means while they travel. But when people are tired they just doze off when they are sitting and there is no work to be done. Maintaining a routine to sleep on time and avoid staying awake late at night can help.

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    I am one of them which the author has mentioned about but I don't sleep while travelling in a bus for a short journey . However, sometimes, when I start travelling early and I could not sleep at night as I have to sleep then it surely happens I start sleeping when the bus leaves the town but it has never happened that the luggage was stolen of any passenger . I don't deny that it can never happen. It is very much possible that your luggage may be stolen if any person notice it which is your luggage and he has intention to steal your luggage, else no thief can dare to touch any luggage. You place your luggage any where in the bus and be sure your luggage will not be stolen because it is not sure whose luggage it could be (of any passenger) and he might notice it that his luggage is being stolen.
    But if I go on a long journey then I don't sleep. There is possibility of luggage get stolen by any thief who might be travelling with us because in trains we keep our luggage with us and a thief can come to know easily which luggage we are carrying with us.
    On the way we beautiful nature too as the author has written about. It looks good to see out of window and glancing at natural beauty.

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    The movement of the vehicle whether it is a bus, train, or car induces sleep. I always stay alert while travelling. While on a long journey by train, it is only natural that many passengers travelling in A.C Sleeper class to go to sleep. I always make it a point to secure my luggage with a chain and lock, so that I feel comfortable while I sleep or get down onto the platform whenever the train stops at a station. In a bus, sleeping during the journey may cause injuries whenever the driver applies a break during the jouney. Generally, the people sleeping journey are lucky that they do not sustain any injuries unless the breaking is done at a high speed and suddenly, Such occasions are rare.
    Sleeping passengers definitely miss a lot of enjoyment. They miss the nature outside, In some journies, the vehicle passes through many thick woods roads which are a real beauty. During one road journey by road somewhere near Alora or some other place nearby, at some junction when the car negotiated the curve, the Himalayan range suddenly came into view. I can never forget that sight in my life. If I were sleeping at that time, I might have missed the sudden emergence of the Himalayan range view. So it better to keep awake during journeys during the day time and enjoy nature.

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    I do not sleep while travelling. May it be a day or night, I love to see the outside and enjoy the journey. If at all I want to sleep, I would ensure that my luggages are safe, my pocket is safe, and the co passengers are not a thief. Even when I get down for a tea break, I would ensure that the luggage is safe. During the night journey in the luxury coaches and AC trains, I sleep comfortably.
    In my life, I never lost my luggages during the journey. Even I did not allow any pick-pocketers to steal my purse. In this aspect, I am very alert.

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    The author is quite right. I am a person who finds it difficult to sleep even at night on a train journey. But if the bus journey is a non-booked trip, the next thing to do is sleep after the bus conductor arrives and picks up the ticket. Especially if it's a quick trip after lunch. Therefore, many losses have occurred. I once fell asleep while traveling on a bus to attend a staff meeting at the head office 50 km away at 3 pm, got off 3 km away, had to travel 3 km back, and arrived about 20 minutes late. As a branch manager, I had to make a very serious speech. By the grace of God, the meeting started about 15 minutes late due to a delay in the arrival of the Managing Director and Chairman due to some unforeseen and unavoidable discussions. So I escaped that day because initially there was prayer, welcome, and the chairman's speech. After that, when I went to the monthly staff meeting, I started the habit of thinking of pepper when I got on the bus after lunch. I used to chew pepper from time to time to avoid falling asleep.
    But sleep is still common on all other bus journeys.

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    Yes the author is right. Many of us have the habit of taking nap while travelling. Even I too have this habit whenever I am travelling alone.

    I remember when I had my first job I had to travell for an hour so I used to utilize it by sleeping. And I don't think there is anything wrong in it.


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    Normally in the train or bus when we are travelling our mind somewhat get relaxed and further the gentle shake in he train or bus make us to sleep. If the distance is less there are chances of missing the place of getting down but that too some people use to travel in that distance got some alert in them and they awake themselves correctly, I have seen this where the people use to travel by train for workplace. But sure, as told by the author, the loss is there if we sleep while travel by possessing a valuable documents or items including cash.

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    I have the habit of getting into sleep while on the journey. As soon as I get on the bus and the bus starts running, I will get into sleep. But as soon as the bus stops and I will come out of my sleep. It happens every time. But I never lost anything so far in my journey. But as mentioned by the author chance maybe more if you get into sleep.
    My observation is that during getting into the bus or getting down the bus only these thefts will take place. Many people will be trying to get on the bus and there will be unruly behaviour and that will be taken as an advantage by some people and take away the purses of other people.

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