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    Are the police pressurized to collect donation for the Minister?

    There has been serious allegations from the top cop of Mumbai police that the department was pressurized to collect 100 crore donation by the Home Minister and that was denied by the Minister. But even in Hindi movies we have seen that police were involved in Hafta vasool or weekly recovery of money from vendors and street vendors and the collection would be wooping in the financial capital of India. What do you feel is that allegation is real or made out of frustration for having shunted out of the post ?
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    This could be true also but it is difficult to prove without evidence. But there is a mention of one currency note counting machine found in one of the cars used by these people. Actually this type of transactions are not done through cheque or online banking or Paytm or demand draft etc and are either done in cash or gold. Suppose A has to pay some money to B so he will go and buy gold in smuggling market and give to B. There is no invoice and no GST. What B will do is make jewellery from it and distribute in all the stakeholders and all their wives ad girls in the family will have glittering jewellery during the coming marriage ceremonies. When ED raids their premises they will say that this jewellery is ancestral one. This could be a reason why some of them are wearing old ethnic design jewellery nowadays!
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    These type of allegations or statements are to be investigated. It is possible in politics that a police officer might have been ordered by a minister to collect money but merely saying something about someone or making allegation on someone is easy but proving them is subject to evidences. In a court only evidences are required. Anybody can be accused but nobody is convicted without solid evidences in the court.
    The author seems to be interested in Maharashtra politics and keeping update what is happening in the state.

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    Anything is possible in our country. The police all over the country are not saints. The collection of money from street vendors and other illegal activities by the police is going on for a long time. Coming to the allegations of Mr. Param Bir Singh against the Home Minister of Maharashtra may or may not be true. The officer took his time to make this allegation when he was transferred to Home Guard Department which is considered to be the least important post. The Home Minister of Maharashtra on his part condemned them as false and said he will be filing a defamation suit against the officer.
    The developments show that the e-mail sent by the officer is not from his account and does not bear the digital signature. The letter is being verified. It is a good thing that allegations are surfacing about the elected representatives and the top officials. Proper investigation will reveal the truth in the case and one of these two will have to pay for their misdeeds. Anything is possible. The officer may be making false allegations for his own reasons. The Minister might have asked the officer to do what the officer has complained about. There may be external forces that are very desperate to topple this Government and come to power.
    One doubt I have is, Mr. Param Bir Singh is appointed as Police Commissioner of Mumbai on 28 February 2020 and lasted in that post till 17-03-2021. That is almost the lockdown period when all business activities including bars are closed. There was no business and yet there is an allegation that 100 crore per month is to be collected from bars and other establishments for the Home Minister by the Commissioner of Police. There is something fishy and I am suspecting some destabilizing elements at work to defame the Maharashtra State Government at a time when the NIA is investigating the involvement of another police officer in the Ambani bomb scare case and murder of an automobile spare parts dealer whose vehicle was reportedly stolen and parked at a distance of 1.4 km from the house of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

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    It may be true. I heard in Hyderabad that police will collect huge amounts from the shops and other business people. That money will get distributed not alone to the police but also to the political people. In fact, somebody told me that the amounts they collect are very huge and the business people who give such big amounts will involve in tax evasion etc. There be some truth in the allegation. The State government should take up this issue strongly and find out the truth and the responsible persons should be punished.
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    Just relate the issue to placing of some explosives (gelatine sticks) in front of Mukesh Ambani's house. Why Mukesh Ambani is the first question. Other than his close relation to the BJP supremos and being a reputed businessman, who is he? Why should anyone threaten him? The whole game is a play that has been (reportedly) planned and staged by the BJP to destabilize the Shiv Sena led government in Maharashtra. I think we as citizens of this democratic country should be reconsidering whether we should be supporting this kind of strategies by any party just for holding on to power.

    Just to add on as a fun feature- 100 Crores- such a small amount.

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    Media is telling that the letter of Parambir Singh is a bomb and now political leaders are running here and there to safeguard themselves. One analyst has told that this is only a sample that Parambir Singh has sent to them so that they save him from NIA otherwise he will open the pandora box. Let us see how the things are unfolding in coming days. It is like a suspense and mystery movie and Bollywood is getting a good theme to convert it to celluloid.
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