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    As a voter do you support the new proposal of remote voting ?

    India is now fully utilizing the digital facilities available at the disposal and this is the time for the Election commission also to go for remote voting as one can vote from any center or voting through the cell phone gadgets of the voters thereby saving huge amount of money being wasted on staggered polls, staff for the polls and police arrangements. The digital voting would be fool proof, dignity for the voter and more specifically it can give accurate result of the out come same day not indulging in malpractice or rigging which is now alleged through present voting system on EVM's. Whats your take ?
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    There is nothing like voting online through OTP verification and that will exclude all fraudulent practices. So, once a voter's mobile number and Aadhar card are linked and he gives a vote using the OTP verification like we are doing in making online bank payments then it becomes a fool proof system. Interestingly it may also increase the percentage of people taking part in voting process. The only problem could be that some uneducated and poor people who have no access to online facilities will go to someone able to do that and that person might trick them. Let us see what happens if India looks up to such robust election system in future. This seems to be a difficult project because if we remember this is the country where people vehemently opposed linking of their bank accounts with Aadhar card fearing that their black money will be caught by the tax authorities. So, those elements will try to hamper these progressive things.
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    I heard about this new system might be introduced in future. Does this type of system exist anywhere in the world ? Perhaps not. Then why it is required in our country ? Are we more advanced in technology than US , UK, Canada , Japan France ? If this system is used somewhere what is the level of transparency. ?

    I see postal ballot paper system is more closer to transparency than this new proposed system. But if the election commission has already proposed to government to introduce this system and government is agree to introduce this new system in the country then what is importance of this discussion. Even someone objects or opposes its implementation it will be useless of him.

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    No one would part cell phone to others and voting through phone is most welcome.
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    Remote voting is a concept that has to go through trials. The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has started a research project on remote voting. The mock trials are yet to be started. Once the trials are conducted and everything goes fine, the Election Commission of India is likely to implement it at the earliest by 2024 elections.

    Remote voting does not mean that a voter can vote from the comfort of his or her house. This is for those voters who are not in the place where they are registered for voting and are at some other place. Even at that place, the voter has to go to a designated place where all the arrangements for remote voting are made. After proper verification with the help of biometric devices, the voter will be allowed to cast his vote. This facility is likely to be extended for overseas voters also in the future. The postal ballots may be included in this system. This is a good idea if implemented properly.

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    A remote voting system is a good idea. It will save a lot of expenditure. Rigging and other bad practices will get reduced. You can vote from any place. You need not be there at your native place on the day of voting. The employees need not ask for a holiday on that day. They can vote when they are free. It will be good if somebody can make a foolproof system. Importantly the government employees need not be deployed for poling work.
    But how many people can do this? There are many people who don't have smartphones and many old people don't know how to use them. How to overcome that problem is to be seen.

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    I want to remind the members that remote voting is only for those who are out of the station where they are supposed to vote. This not going to save any expenses or time. For postal ballots also this may be used subject to the condition that the trials which are to take place do succeed and the Election Commission approves them.
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