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    Speaking truth is difficult

    Mostly, speaking as well as listening to truth is always difficult. Generally, people know when the situation demands truth should be speken. If the situation is adverse to truth then truth is restrained because the expression of truth may cause them harm or leave detrimental effect or negative repercussions in future. Nobody wants to be harmed for speaking truth.
    Some people have two faces. They masquerade as truth bearer but in reality they are worst creature. Some people notice which direction the wind is blowing to and accordingly they change their stance . These people are more successful in their lives. They speak truth when they find no harm for them and they refrain from uttering truth if they may get inflicted with problems. These are pragmatic people. But some people who are truthful and they always stand for truth can't stand silent. They are fearless. These people always fall in trouble because of enmity of wrong people but they are ready to face every challenge in their lives. The don't glance at pros and cons of speaking truth. They can't restrain themselves from uttering truth. Their germs of truth keep them disturbing in case they are pushed into incommunicado and they can't have mental peace until they speak what is right and what is wrong. Such people are rarely seen in today's world because they know standing for truth at the face of the powerful people may drag them into deep trouble. Different elements will corner and marginalise them and also nobody will come forward in their support, nevertheless, they vent out their stopped truth. Lately I saw a video of Rakshat Singh, a journalist of ABP News who vented out his anger loud and clear on Kisan Mahapanchayat in Meerut. I felt pity for him when he spoke," I earn 12 lac 7k package. I have a son and my wife . I don't know how I will give good life to my family, good education to my son because nobody will give me job. I have been stopping myself for a long time but it is unbearable to me." and he kept on speaking almost screaming. As he had been fighting himself for a long time and all what he has stored in his heart was coming out.
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    Now a days it's tough to find such honest and truth speaking people. These people are really fearless and they always speak truth.

    If a person has to speak truth, then the person should also be honest because, an honest person never does wrong things or never try to cheat or be a hypocrite.

    Only a virtuous person can speak truth and they have no fear in their actions and no need to lie.

    Only people who are dishonest and who try to cheat or try to be hypocrites and predict to be good, they will definitely speak lies and they will not have the dare to speak truth.

    So if a person has to speak truth, the person himself must be a truthful person from heart. Such person's are always strong, arrogant and don't fear for their actions or words. They speak the truth boldly and they are ready to face any kind of problems.

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    For a common man speaking the truth is easy. If we tell a lie, we should remember the lie we told. If we forget what we have told there is a chance we may get caught. If we speak the truth we need not put extra efforts to remember that. That is why our elders asked us not to tell lies.
    But these days if we tell the truth we may get into problems. That is why we see many people keep silent without telling anything.
    As mentioned by the author some people will get into trouble by telling the facts. By seeing such people may people are thinking it is better not to tell truths so that they will not get into problems.

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    I do not think people lie habitually. Most of us lie many times which is harmless. Supposing that we get a phone call from home asking us where we are, we may say on the way to home or something like that but not that we are with friends chit-chatting. Such lies are harmless and avoid unnecessary problems. To tell the truth, in some situations may not be good because it may cause difficulty to some others. We can refrain from telling the truth if it is helpful to others and in no way harmful to anyone. When we go to the office late, we invariably may have to tell a lie.

    In fact, telling lies is very difficult. We have to remember what all we lie about. If we forget what we lied to, we will be easily caught. In my opinion, telling a lie is more difficult.

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    Very few people are truthful. The reason for this is very simple. The world is a cruel place and if someone tells the truth then he will invite enmity from many of them and might get socially discarded. A human being cannot exist in his own truthful halo for long. Smart people use lies time and again to get their jobs done or persuade others to help them. In any house a person telling lies takes the benefit in many ways like escaping from the routine work, taking the responsibility etc and then cheating and making others fool and the list is endless. Being truthful is a virtue but it is a practical disaster. If politicians start telling truth then some of them will be jailed immediately. If corrupt bureaucrats tell about their bribes in public they will also be jailed. So there are many places and situations where telling lies is a compulsion and not a choice. When a student goes for fun with his friends then many times they tell the parents that they were doing combined studies but actually they were puffing the Rs 25 drug cigarette after taking which they fly in the air and get enjoyment. So telling lies is compulsion for them also. One should try to be truthful but what I narrated is the reality of this world.
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    For those who are liar and dishonest, speaking the truth may be a difficult task for them. For honest people telling the truth is not at all difficult. I agree with the author that many people are of dubious character and they never speak the truth. They are always concerned about themselves as if the world is for them only and never hesitate to let others in trouble for their convenience. Maybe the number of such types of persons are on a rise and that's why it seems speaking the truth is difficult. But even an honest person has to lie depending on certain situations. If it is to save somebody from a grave injustice or harm then one has to suppress the truth, otherwise, we must always tell the truth. When one is habituated to tell lie then the person has to maintain a register having the details of what was said on previous occasions.

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    If the people are habituated to speak truth from the day one of their extensive life. thee cannot be mistake and lies from that person at any point of his life. But the trouble comes when he comes across those who are the habitual lairs and this get highly influenced to start telling lies. And those who only speak truth need not worry about after effects because truth always wins and the person stand by the truth. However there is a saying that one can say many lies to get marriage and then perform. But that would not sustain for long time as the lies are going to be exposed sooner or later.
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    It may be difficult, to tell the truth, but it makes your coming time easier. Telling the truth also depends on circumstances many times, some people habitually tell the truth and some decide again in view of the immediate situation, such people are mostly diplomatic in nature and they know when to tell the truth and when they lie. Some people speak the truth only in anger, there is a little more problem with such people when they are often angry and in anger, those saris say things which probably should not have been said at that time. Telling the truth is a good habit, but whenever you speak, speak it thoughtfully.
    Swati Sharma

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    We had read that honesty is the best policy but unfortunately in modern times very few people follow that doctrine. There are so many evil, cunning, and bad elements in the society who tell lies on a 24/7 basis.
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