Is the media acting honestly?

My personal opinion is that the information provided by the media at our local, district, state, national and international levels is not honest. Many of the details obtaining by the Right to Information Act (applying for just Rs 10/-) were not disclosed as it was in the interest of media management.
Channels and print media started by accepting donations from the public and a group comes under its management with donating more money. It includes the public and public activists. If the more donating are a public figure in a political party, the management distorts the news/information in such a way as to whitewash that political party. Publishes in a way that has the opposite meaning. Other private managements also take a stand to protect their own interests. So shouldn't we get accurate and truthful information?
What will be the way to get accurate and truthful information?
I see only one way in my opinion.
"Starting a media (print / visual) requires money. The method of finding out the money should be different from the existing one. All it can do is, take a small amount as a subscription. This subscription should be renewed every year, as well as a new subscription, should be found by the public from the common people. The fund should be used to fix equipment, staff salaries, and so on. And buy only one subscription from one person and then no one will be special. *The management will be done by senior professionals in this field and they absolutely knew the intention of the media*. These are what I propose.
* If our members have any other proposals in this regard other than the ones I have pointed out, I request that they be posted *