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    Can Congress and the Left gain more seats in West Bengal with Indian Secular Front(ISF) alliance?

    In West Bengal, there is Congress, the CPM-led Left Front and the Indian Secular Front of Muslim scholar Abbas Siddiqui together face the election. West Bengal Assembly elections are a triangular contest.

    The Congress-Left alliance, which won only 5% of the vote and 2 seats in the last Lok Sabha elections, is expected to win more seats in the forthcoming Assembly Elections. The Left is trying to gain the support of the Muslim community by joining hands with ISF. I hope It will strengthen the party and help it win more seats. In Bengal, Muslims have so far supported the ruling Trinamool Congress. The entry of the Indian Secular Front will change the electoral equations and calculations in West Bengal.

    Will this alliance gain more seats in Bengal assembly election.?
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    I read somewhere that there is an outside chance for the Congress and CPM alliance to spoil the chances of TMC and BJP. In this tough election that is going to take place. many people think the fight is between TMC and BJP. Didi for TMC and Modiji and Amit Bhai for BJP are sparing no effort to win the election. In these circumstances, one need not be surprised if the Congress and CPM alliance turn the tables on them. If such a thing happens, it will be a hilarious result.
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    If CPM, ISF and Congress fight together, there will be some improvement in the number of seats they are going to win than if they fight separately. Now if this alliance also contests all the seats there will be a triangular fight. I don't feel they may be digging into TMC votes in some places and BJP votes in some other places. Overall they will improve their tally. But TMC will stand better chances to win the elections as of now. BJP may get some extra seats but can't be the majority party. But what happens can't be correctly predicted till the last minute.
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    If this alliance of congress gets more seats then nobody can stop BJP from coming in power because mainly these voters who will vote for congress alliance are traditional vote bank of Mamta Banerji. It will harm her party . As a result consolidated vote of BJP will take them to victory but most of election experts are of opinion that Muslims will not leave Mamta Banergi because they know about consequences if they go for this alliance instead of going for Mamta Banergi BJP is coming in power. However it is a tough challenge to all parties or alliance.
    The campaign is in full swing and the way prime minister himself is campaigning appears that he has made this election as a matter of his prestige. TMC has already questioned about impartiality of election commission. Mamta Banergi has opened his cards to drive away BJP from West Bengal . It appears that she has also made this elections as the matter of her prestige. It is a fight between two prestige issues. The game is on.

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    West Bengal voters are more informed and more educated. They know that the Congress is sinking and if allied with Left parties which was not liked and shunted out with low percentage of votes are now grouping up to garner the votes of minorities. But the author has forgotten the AIMIM from Hyderabad is going to make foray for the first time in WB as they want to garner the Muslim votes and that party is already done spade work. So for BJP and TMC it may not be easy to win but for Congress alliance they may be desperate to grab power but that would be a distant dream.
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    Zamirul Hasan, who is in charge of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party, resigned from the AIMIM and formed a new party. The name of the party is Indian National League. He says that 95% of the party members are with him.
    Zamirul Hasan will support the Chief Minister Mamatha Banerji in Nandigram. But this party will support Congress-LDF candidates of all the other constituencies.

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