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    Discussion on political parties' involvement in SMC elections

    In this post, I would like to tell about a school. It is anonymous. For the school, a SMC committee is elected for the development purpose of the school. Generally, these elections involve only the parents of the pupil studying in the school. But, for that school, two party leaders came to that school asking about the strength particulars and parents details. Actually, the head master is the convener of the elections. But, the picturesque of the elections are totally depended on the existed two parties in the village. These political parties boosting the parents to be divided as two categories. The election process is going on in the school. Head master felt unable to conduct the elections in the school. Finally, MEO came to the school and the elections were completed in the presence of him. There are much pressures from the political leaders in the village to the head master on behalf of SMC committee about unnecessary issues. Now, is it correct whether involvement of political parties in the form of SMC for the school?
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    Please bring clarity to the topic to be discussed. What is 'SMC'?
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    According to the Central Right to Education Act, School Management Committee (SMC) should be formed in all schools except unaided schools and to be reorganized every two years. This committee shall consist of an elected representative from the local self-governing center, a representative elected from the parents of the children, and a teacher representative. 75% of the members of this committee will be the parents or guardians of the children.

    Whenever any organization is formed, people look at politics in it. The parents of the children will also have politics. Parents of all children must attend the school meeting when called. Many do not attend meetings. Only elected persons can become a member of the committee. Then no problem exists.

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    The author has been probably referring to School Management committee and this happens in the government schools and not the private ones. The govt schools are patronized by the ruling party and the visit of local corporators and MLA to the school proves that the ruling party has much sway over the parents though they support and belong to other parties. Normally there is a stand off and face of on every issue as the committee would not approve any new proposals that have effect on the present system of functioning.
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