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    The couple made against each other.

    Generally, we hear about made for each other couple. When both the wife and husband are good-looking and look like a good pair this comment of ' Made for each Other' is used. Most of the couples, leaving out their physical looks, are adjustment couples. Both the wife and husband have to compromise on many things and lead their lives. There will be very few couples who really vibrate on the same wavelength in their thoughts and lead a very happy life without any compromises.

    This lead me to surf the net to find about couples made against each other. I came across a case in Bengaluru. The husband is a software engineer and the wife is a Master of Business Administration. They went to the USA for a job and had a male child while working there. The wife returned to India because of a fight she had with her husband. The husband also followed her to India. They are living separately and started filing cases against each other. Totally 67 cases were filed by them out of which 58 cases were filed by the man and 9 by the woman. The case came before the Supreme Court. The Judges questioned not only the man and the woman but also their 8-year-old son. The Court commented that they are a rare couple who made their son also visit the court. They advised them to think positively and adjust. Such 'Made against each other' couples will also be there in the society.
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    It is not a rare couple. This problem often happens between educated couples because both are well qualified and self reliant. They don't need support. Marriage needs some commitments and to fulfil these commitments both have to have patience. They have to overlook mistakes and flaws of each other. Nobody is perfect. They have to make their relationship perfect by mutual understanding , patience and cordiality. Nobody is a boss in such a family. These people should think ten times before thinking about separation or divorce because it is not their life which has become hell rather it is the life of their son which both of them has made miserable. A child wants both parents together. They have big responsibility as parents. They have to keep their ego aside for the sake of their child. What is his future ? Will he live with his mother ? Will he live with his father? He is sandwitched between two egos. Such couples have to think over this matter quite seriously. They are committing a crime a sin against their own son. They are depriving him of their sweet home.
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    True. Incidentally, in the case I mentioned, the court gave custody of the boy to the father. The mother did not object to it.
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    In married life, both husband and wife have to adjust to a great extent only then the marriage is considered successful, if only the husband adjusts or only the wife adjusts, then the relationship becomes bad one day. The adjustment also has a limit. Bitterness in the relationship also starts under excessive pressure. But when a new life in this relationship with husband and wife also includes their child, then the responsibilities increase and in such a situation one must first think about the future of the child. When there is an urge to improve the relationship, it should not be broken but should be strengthened by giving it some time. Going to court is only when a situation of physical or mental harassment is being created. Apart from this, it is prudent to deal with other disputes and give a new face to your relationship.
    Swati Sharma

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    A matured response by Ms. Swati Sharma. Her observation that when a child arrives in the family, the responsibilities increase and the child's future should be the main consideration of the wife and husband. The other issues take a back seat.
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    This is a strange case but it happens sometimes that there is misunderstanding and fight between the couple and then it rises to such alarming levels that the couple separates apart and goes to court for resolution.
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    A very rare case. It is great that the husband also came back to India to fight a case with his wife.
    In Hyderabad, I know a couple, who were together just for a year and the lady left the husband and went to her parents and started staying with her parents. When she left her husband she was pregnant and later on she delivered a girl child. She wanted her husband to purchase an apartment and a car. The husband is an employee of HDFC. He said that it will take some time to get the loan as he joined in a junior position and the service is also very less. So she left him. The boy filed a case in court against his wife saying that she is not staying with him. She filed a case asking for a divorce. These cases are in court for the last 5 years. The daughter is with the mother. They are not even allowing the father to see their daughter.
    It is unfortunate that because of the nature of the parents these children are also suffering and

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    After reading this post I could infer many points that could be discussed here. That more the education the more the freedom sought to live freely without others intervention and here in this case the ego has been taking its front seat as both husband and wife would not compromise their way of living and attitude even they never thought of how their worst decision of fighting pile of cases in courts would bother the little boy so badly. Probably this is the out come of love marriage and surely not the arranged marriage. May both of them get the wisdom of give and take policy to live in future for the sake of kid.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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