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    Do you check the information before you raise a thread?

    The members will be raising many threads on this site. They will also be answering the threads that are raised. Sometimes, the content of the thread may be partially wrong. This happens only occasionally. The editors generally remove such threads but sometimes it may miss their scrutiny. The members respond to those partially wrong threads depending on the content provided. Neither the author nor the responding member checks the correctness of the content. It is always better to check the correctness of the content provided by the author and also the responding members.
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    The author has given good advice. He is right that a thread starter should recheck his content whether or not it is relevant to the given topic and also the members who post their replies.
    Generally I do mistakes in typing . If I could not catch these mistakes and post it then I can't edit my thread. However if I reply your thread then I can edit my post .

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    While posting an informative thread we must provide the correct information. We always need to remember the purpose of posting something publicly. One is posting and many others are reading it. So, if the information is not correct wrong information is sent which has to be avoided at any cost. We must be careful while posting threads and should not spread the wrong information. It is our collective responsibility and my thanks to the author for reminding us of this essential aspect of posting a thread with facts and figures.

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    Since this is the discussion platform through which views and responses are solicited the members do raise the current topics that is in news. But authenticity and the rightness of the topic must be verified before posting and normally I see that our editors are more vigilant in the regard and remove those threads which are against the site policy and not up to the mark content wise. By the way every member should raise threads and try to complete their quota of allotments and thus this forum would be more effective and get going with whole lots of information knowledge transfer.
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    The author's advice is appropriate and noteworthy, as it is true that at the time of response the author only reads the information of the raised thread and gives his/her response accordingly. But many times this may not be due to the negligence of the other authors but because every thread is not aware for every writer and they consider the information given in the raised thread should to be correct. But I agree that before you make your response, you should know the details of the information.

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