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    Digitalization is an important era in human life

    Digitalization becomes a peculiar part in every field that a normal person who face it. Recently, in Telangana budget meeting in assembly, MLAs used ipads for the purpose referring the budget pages instead of using printing papers. It is a wonderful remarkable change in the field of technology. During lockdown time, maximum usage of technology was being utilised by the people in terms digital payments and zoom meetings. Most of the people got knowledge about how to use mobile phones and tablets for the purpose of their daily routine.
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    Great to note that India has been changing fast with digital usage of the system and much transactions are being done on line and even cash withdraw from the ATM's are reduced. Even the members of state assembly in TS are now updated with usage of i pads and the assembly session is going through the digital mode. One thing is sure in future India would evolve fool proof digital payment methods because we find the payments made from Google pay are not reaching the contact person in time and thus the very purpose of digital payment comes under the question and accountability.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When the Digital India scheme was launched in the country, it was not expected that all sections of the country would adopt this digitalization so soon, but the result that came, we can all see today. Today the word digital has flown in from every field and every person is moving forward with it, which is also important. In today's time, all the children in technology or older are in the same category. If everything is easily available even when we are sitting at home, then it is due to digitalization. But still, there are some people in the process who are still not willing to adopt digitalization and are happy in their traditional ways.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Digitalisation of all sectors in India is a dream and soon it will come true. But we are forgetiing that digitalisation is the concept of the developed countries and we are among top countries where people die of starvation. You need a gadget to get connected to digital world but for this gadget you need money to puchase. Digitalisation of banking system is good for them who play with money but what about those people who think what they will eat in evening.
    Lalu Prasad Yadav was in opposition and the minister spoke in parliament that computer has reached to remote villages also. Laluji commented when he stood to speak. Minister Ji first bring electricity to these villages because computer needs electricity to function.
    India will be the happiest country of the world when nobody sleeps hungry in our country when this happens we can proudly say "Welcome to digital india".

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