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    The purpose of a skill is meaningful when it is put in the right direction

    Often we shed all our sweat to strengthen our skills. From the very beginning, we are taught which skills are very important in our lives. Often we see many people around us who are very outstanding in their talents but we find that despite having so many skills, those people are deprived of success. The considerable reason for this appears to be that those people have acquired the skills but they have not been able to know in which direction to use it from where they can get adequate benefits of it? This brings about that we also need a guru who not only recognizes our skills but also emphasizes the right path and purpose.
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    Right from the childhood every one of us are gifted with a hidden talent and skill and that need to be observed and given the right impetus. One of my relative child was keen in observing cars and models right from the young age and his parents identified his interest in automobile subject and thus sent him to West Germany to pursue his skill automobile and allied subjects and today he much qualified automobile engineer and being offered lucrative salary in that country itself. Here his parents need to be appreciated for giving the support and impetus to the reaching of the big goal of life.
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    As long as you are not applying the skills you have learnt you will not be benefitted. People acquire many skills with an expectation to apply them when required but if it is not applied then it remains unutilised. Now, when we are talking about success is it possible to say what skills are required to be successful? If you wish to become a successful writer then you must have good writing skills. But if your writing skills are up to the mark it doesn't necessarily mean that you can become a successful writer. It's your willingness to write and passion for writing that may help you to become a successful writer. Applying the skills in the right direction is always important though the meaning of success may vary from person to person.

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    I completely agree with the author's point. All of us have some special skill which sometimes we can recognize from time and sometimes late. When we apply our skills at the right time and in the right direction, then that skill has the right importance. Some people just wait for the right time and hold their skills in themselves, but the truth is that we can make the time right by using our skills. Identify and enhance your skills by working on them and use them in the right place.

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    I completely agree with the idea that the author has tried to put forth by this post. Indeed some one who acquires great skill but lacks direction would never be able to find out the full potential in themselves. However choosing the right direction could be very hard and it is considered as a journey throughout life. One must acquire experience to improve their skill to the fullest, that will enable better growth and fulfilment of desires. After experiencing failures and success, one must find the right direction for their skills and put their full potential towards the direction to attain great benefits, this will be the last stage of the journey that I mentioned earlier. One with skill will be satisfied after attaining the right direction and gaining proper sucess.
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    We need to identify our inner skills and we should endeavour hard to know the different aspects of that tool so that we can enhance our technical capabilities. In all the fields, there are stiff competitions where we get the employees extremely knowledgeable and competent. Such employees are always in demand for their technical excellence. Hence it is always better to acquire new skills so that they remain always in demand. The other important aspect is the vision enabling us to apply the right skills in the given situation. Thus the right decision in given situation coupled with the latest know how's would be essential to shine in a profession.

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