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    If NOTA gets more votes, will that poll be cancelled?

    If you do not wish to vote for any candidate contesting in your constituency during the election, you can click on the NOTA button on the voting machine.

    What if the highest number of votes in any area is in favour of NOTA?. Will any other candidate be declared as the winner ?.

    Isn't it an insult to the polls to declare other candidate as the winner? Shouldn't that election be canceled and new candidates fielded and re-elected?. What can the Election Commission do If NOTA gets highest votes?
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    That's what the apex court has asked the central government and the Election Commission a few days ago. A PIL was filed on this particular issue and based on that the top court is seeking the opinion of the centre and the EC. Till now, a candidate getting the highest number of votes, irrespective of the numbers in favour of NOTA, is declared the winner but I think the numbers in favour of NOTA should be taken into account. The process of democracy is very slow and after a lot of deliberations, the NOTA option on the EVM was provided to the voters. I hope after looking into various aspects the apex court will pronounce its verdict on whether to cancel the poll if more votes are polled in favour of NOTA.

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    What I feel that if the NOTA gets most of the votes and that proves the vengeance of the voters of that constituency and the verdict can be interpreted that none of the candidate among all parties are worthy of getting elected and therefore re elections be added and in that case the EC must inform all the parties to select new candidates and then seek the re polling. That must be a peculiar situation for the EC, govt and the parties to again spend on the elections and campaign or they may go for selecting the second best vote getting candidate of the polls and thus declare him elected.
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    If NOTA gets maximum number of ballots then all candidates who were contesting from the constituency should be banned for 10 years from contesting any level of elections. NOTA is a serious decision of voters that none of them deserve to contest elections from their constituency and they have been rejected by people.
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    It is interesting to find out as what would happen if NOTA is more and valid votes are too less. I think Govt will come soon with some law in this matter and may be the candidates will be changed by the parties.
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    I think we should use the NOTA button irrespective of the results because that would indicate the mind of voters. It is not the question of who wins but why we, as voters, elected to say 'No'. And that, I think is very important in a democracy. But ultimately, the politicians need to realise why 'We' said no to them.

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    I did not read the article 'NOTA - Be prudent and use the button wisely' written by Saji when I posted this forum thread. Glad to have given the 'NOTA' article link in this thread. Good and useful article.

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    This is a very interesting post raised by the author. The idea of introducing NOTA was a good idea in the sense that it attracted the voters to the election booth but if the voter is not satisfied with the candidates he can opt for NOTA. In a situation where NOTA is more than the valid votes what should be the logical decision of the election commission if no new rules are made to deal with such a condition. One of the things that comes to the mind is dismiss all those candidates and then bring new candidates which can generate low NOTA figures. Let us see if the Govt is able to enact some guidelines in this matter.
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    As per the rule, if NOTA gets more votes, no candidates from that constituency would be elected. There would be a change of all candidates and a fresh election would be held for that particular constituency.
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