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    Will home remedies with adulterated items be helpful?

    There is no doubt that even today, in almost every house, home remedies are given utmost importance. Our elder always tells us about some special domestic grains based on their experience which is very helpful for us. If we talk about turmeric, then turmeric is a very effective medicine which people apply on their face as well, they also consume it with hot water. It is said that turmeric has the property of killing bacteria and is also scientifically proven. But can we get as much pure turmeric as usual in today's time? Turmeric is bought whole at many homes and then it is ground in the grinder or grain mill and after that we use it. But even after that turmeric does not find the former purity. There are many items that can be helpful in many treatments, but nowadays they are getting adulterated to the extent that even the basic properties of these domestic useful items are diminishing.
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    All the adulterated items have impurities added to them so we will not get the usual benefits of those items. Most importantly, the after-effects maybe even more than the benefits. Whatever we are consuming these days are not pure. Though it is said that products are manufactured following all the quality control measures, it is flouted at random. A simple example may be packaged drinking water. I do not know the situation in other states but in the state of West Bengal, it seems there are packaged-water processing units at almost all the localities. Nobody cares to verify the quality of the water and we are drinking it without much background verification. The same may be the case with many packaged eatables. Many people even least bother to check the packaging information let alone the composition used to prepare such items. To get the desired result/taste the correct ingredients must be mixed together. If the quantity of the ingredients is not up to the mark or the ingredients do not have the required properties then the results will also vary.

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