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    Depression is a serious disease

    I read an article about depression published in today's local Hindi newspaper.. According to it 42% people who working in different sectors are inflicted with depression and anxiety. It may be true but I am unable to understand how it could be possible that a person who is already employed and earning money how he can be depressed . I don't deny if many working people might be depressed due to official or personal reason but 42% seems to be exaggerated figure.
    However, I know that depression and anxiety kill a person from within. Depression is a serious mental disorder which entails madness and sometimes if it continues a depressed person may take extreme step to commit suicide. Such a person needs our sympathy and company Of If he wants to speak let him vent out. We should not let him be alone. It's often observed that married couples are more depressed than unmarried ones.
    One thing should be kept in mind that we should never laught at them. They will not like banter at all. If you happen to deal with such people then keep patience, support them and spend your time with them and most important take them to doctor.
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    There are many reasons for depression but one of the main is weakness and emptiness of the mind. A person who is not inclined to do any work and then does not get any job because he has no skill, can get a disappointment feeling in life and can have an escapist tendency. Depression is the outcome of inability to perform. Lack of activity is a major contributor to the things that fuel depression. It is a bad thing and it many times provokes a person for suicide also. He feels that he has no place in this world and there is no work for him here. Wherever he goes he is simply ignored or neglected which enhances his degree of depression further. Modern medicines have no cure for depression except giving some temporary respite. Experienced people tell that if a person is kept in good and caring company then probably he can improve slightly and with time completely also. We can try that method in select cases.
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    Lack of confidence is the root cause of depression and this disorder is further aggravated by by hearing the rude remarks of the people against the sufferers. Though medicines are available to contain their emotions but the effect is temporary. It can be tackled by arranging a couple of session of the psychiatric who would patiently hear their problems and ultimately spot the root cause behind their depression. To give such patients the healing touch would go a long way to mitigate their disorders. Apart from this, the affected patients need to encouraged to undertake any task of their likings, most preferably the tasks fetching them some money. In that way, they can be normalised.

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    Depression in many of us is taking the toll and it may be regarding the personal life, about the children progress and growth, it may be regarding present job and hike in salary and deprssion for being others sick and not able to help. There are people who think of others more and get depressed for no reason. For some others progress is the setback for them and they get depressed. One thing is sure that no one can be kept happy all the time and all the way but unneccessary thinking of the issues and matters which are not in the purview of the person would lead to more depression and point of no return.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes, the modern mental work pressure, tension both in and out side situation is one of the reason for depression. Frustrations or depression is a curable disease and can be treated as soon as possible in its early stages. Depression is most common anxiety disorders cases with the adult people. It is a mental disorder that affects on his normal life and daily activities. It leads to personality disorder and lack of self-improvement. It is known as depressing sequence. Under the situation suicide tendency also seen in many cases.

    In early stage there is sadness or excitement and slowly it become abnormal from his daily activities. But it can be cured with the right treatment in due time. Thanks.

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    To understand the real cause of depression, one must also know the factors of past experience, his present condition, and future expectations. Even if the cause of depression is difficult to know, but if the right people are with them, then such a person gets much help in coming out from the state of depression. Words like depression become a part of his life when a person is short of his loved ones and less confident about his efforts. By giving time to oneself and trying to understand themselves, many times a person automatically deals with these situations.
    Swati Sharma

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    My father is very anxious about the things to happen and always thinks negatively about all the issues. He started looking for matches for one of my sisters and it took a little extra time to get the match settled. In the process he became anxious. He went into depression. His whole body started shivering. We took him to the doctor. He told me that he was suffering from Parkinson disease. He treated him for two years but no use. Then we have taken him to s psychiatrist and he diagnosed the same as depression from anxiety. He treated him and his problem solved. But the doctor advised him not to stop those medicines and continue using them. He is using those medicines for the last 14 years.
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    In Psychology subject, we have studied that depression is a frame of mind. Sometimes it could be due to some physiological reasons but most of the times it is a mental problem. These people are to be treated with the prescribed medicines and more than that require the support of family and friends. I have seen many people to become normal after a bout of depression.
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    If we are not getting impressed, we go into depression mode. Most of the Indians are having so many problems and expectations from the daily life and they are yearning for small appreciation or pat to which they are ready to walk one step ahead. And depression is of many kind. If we are upset with our works we get into depression, if we are poking into others work and if they get defeated, we get into depression. That way we are not able to control our own depression for one reason or the the other and adding depression from others also. If this contiues India would be the big country to have more depressed persons.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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