Some people play with sentiments and emotions

Some people play with sentiments and emotions but they don't attach themselves with people. They have no emotions and sentiments because they are ultra ego-centric. Their relationship is absolutely platonic. But their macho personality and sophisticated life style attract other people. They make friendship with selected people who could give them some kind of gains or comforts- physically or mentally. They take everybody for granted as playful things So long as they like they keep this friendship continue and when they feel jaded they move and leave everyone who were/was attached behind ruthlessly.
These people are professionally expert in playing with sentiments and emotions. Despite knowing their reality still some people are trapped.
Someone opined in his post that those poilticians who having been elected change their party should be banned from contesting elections I think these politicians may also be listed among such people who play with sentiments of the general masses. Why people chose them they know it and despite knowing if they deceive people.