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    Laziness and prodding - do they go hand in hand?

    Are you lazy and find it too difficult to complete a task in its scheduled time? You may have your own clock to perform the tasks and I will not object. But are you too serious when others are given the responsibility of a task and remain worried about when the job will be finished? If yes, then I think it may be inherent to those who are lazy, though I would not generalise it. Let me give you an example of an interesting situation. The outside portion of the building is being repaired and for that, the masons have made the scaffolding in a portion of the building. Since the scaffolding is made, a particular resident residing in that part of the building thought of utilizing it for his personal repairing job and instructed a plumber to start the repairing job. The person engaged in the repairing of the whole building is very lazy and is famous for not finishing the job in time. On hearing that another person will use the scaffolding to do the personal plumbing job of a resident he began to prod the plumber to finish the job as early as possible and tried to reason in such a way that the scaffolding will be dismantled from that portion as soon as the plumber finishes the job. The plumber finished the job in time and the scaffolding is still there even after a couple of days. It seems when you are lazy, you prod others to do a task as early as possible. Members, do you have any such experience?
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    The author has given good example as to how the laziness gives rise to the proding and it is the fact that some people command others for their laziness to finish their own work.
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    As the author has told how a lazy person prodding another person for work due to their laziness, it is true in cases but there are many other cases where a lazy person himself is lazy and It also advises those with him/her to postpone their works too. Lazy people are not really lazy because of their working capacity but because of their thinking. Laziness or will do the work later, keeping this attitude gradually makes the person become lazier. Laziness is our biggest enemy, this thing has also been taught to small children in schools, but even after growing up, some people do not understand the depth of it.
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    This is an excellent example of pressurising someone to complete a job by telling him a limit for the time of working. As the worker does not know the things in details, he will be under pressure to complete the job by the timeline given to him and the person will get the job done quickly. When I was in my active service life then once my boss asked me to make a presentation by next day noon as it was to be presented to the chairman in the afternoon and we prepared it by sitting in the office late and finished the job well before the time. Next day we came to know that chairman would take the meeting not on next day but the second day. Later we found that it was second day only in the original schedule and our boss told a lie and pressurised us to do it in time.
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    My experience is something different. When we know the other person is lazy we will not be in a hurry to complete our part in that task thinking that the other person will definitely delay it. Our Company Managing Director used to attend the meeting always 30 minutes late. We all know this and we all also used to attend 15 to 20 minutes late for the meetings as we know that meeting will not start before he comes. But it is not good to be lazy and make things happen slowly. It will definitely slow down our progress.
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