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    Time is highly powerful

    Time is extremely powerful. It doesnot care about those people who don't abide by its verdict. It had destroyed pride and haughtuness of the most powerful, richest and talented people. It crushed their bones ruthlessly. Their power, wealth, reputation, possessions were flogged into the mud. Big business empires, vast kingdoms were ruined. Their residuals are evident. Nobody can stay before time. It brings havoc and calamity. It brings success and failure . It brings love and hatred. It brings happiness and sadness.
    Other aspect of time is that it is highly benevolent to all. It showers opportunities to all big and small, rich and poor, gold and bad, religious and irreligious. It opens its arms to embrace everyone Those who know that it's invaluable. They realise that Its importance can not be measured. Those who understand its importance they don't waste their time and try to improve their talent and their status.
    Time is running. Nobody can curb it as time is always alive . It never sleeps . It keeps on ticking with its pace ever and ever. Affection is earned after a long time but they ruin it for a long time.
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    The author has initiated the wonderful thread which emphasize the value of time and how the people were taught the lessons during the pandemic is the live and great examples. That those who are rich and yet can afford to maid servant for their daily chores of work , could not find them as the virus spread was so fast and every one need to take cover of their life and the rich who depending on the maid servants need to pay extra money and thus the time has made them to learn few things to mend their own ways. Time has been the essence of life and how the office goers were managing the twin task of their work from home duties along with the children on line classes were one more reason as to how the time has taught the lesson of managing the life in crisis. Those who have not valued time, it is out for them for ever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Time is the essence of everything though it is a mysterious entity. The most interesting thing about time is that it flows only in one direction and that is the forward direction and that is the reason that there is no 'undo' function here to change the past. At the same time as future is unknown we cannot do anything at present which shapes our future in conjectured form. The importance of time is to be understood by us in the sense that we should not waste it and it is the most important thing to use it in a creative and constructive way. The author's contention that time is very mighty and even the biggest kings were defeated by it, holds merit. Let us respect the time as the most powerful entity in this universe and abide by its effects on us. That is the only way to cope up with the time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is very important to understand the value of time within the right time because the same time will not return back to us. We often found that when people do not value time and they also realized the same thing but again people repeat the same mistakes. Many times we lose our more important time to see the faults or evils of others, and we feel that we are using the time properly. Utilization should be considered to be good for someone if your involvement benefits him/her. But when we do all this just because we have nothing else to do, then we are just wasting our precious time.

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    Time and tide wait for none. It is a very famous saying. Come what may, time will not stop and you can't bring it back. So we have to go on doing our works without waiting for good times. A good time for you may be a bad time for somebody else. It all depends on the individual's destiny. When an accident takes place a person may have an injury and a co-passenger may not have any injury.
    The success of an individual depends more on how intelligently he is utilising his time. How well the individual will plan his activity will also decide your success. Time management is a subject by itself.

    always confident

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