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    We should not wait for God to punish the guilty

    In this world, there are many things that are not going smoothly or happening in correct ways. Many people do illegal things and when they are caught they go for legal recourse and get bail and then fight in court for a long time and in many cases are acquitted from the case and sometimes of course get prisoned also. We all say with pride that law will take its own course and even if it does not then God will eventually hear the voices of the tortured soul and take revenge. But when that will happen? After 50-60 years? Should we wait so long for God to interfere and punish the guilty or we should accelerate our legal and administrative systems to punish the culprits quickly for their crimes? Why delay it indefinitely and wait for God's verdict. What do the members think?
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    The author has raised an issue how the rights of people will be restored if he is deprived of his legal rights. As we know that all of us have been given fundamental rights, if these right are snatched away by someone the court will punish the culprit and rights will be restored.
    If a guilty gets unpunished because of his influence, power, wealth or any other reason he will be punished on the judgement day. Nobody can escape from punishment on this day.
    Another point is to be understood that a court punishes a guilty who has committed any crime. What crime is it has been defined by the law. Notably sins are not crimes and there is no punishment for sins. But on judgement day people will be brought to justice. Criminals as well as sinners will be punished. If guilty had been punished by the court on this planet he might be exempted if he was punished in correct proportion to his crime.

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    Timely punishment to the criminals or guilty is the need of the hour and until this is achieved there is no effect of the delayed punishment on the general public. A quick punishment alarms the people not to do such activities.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the wonderful saying in Tamil which goes like this. Arasan andru kolvan and Deivam nindru kollum. That means the king would award the death punishment at once and there is no second thought whereas the God would give lots of chances to the culprit to repend and change his ways of life, therefore gives lease of time to death. It does not mean that God is taking light of what ever is happening. In fact every one data is available with the God and it is being tabulated every hour and every day . Therefore we should not think that the wrong person is getting more lease of life and not getting punished.
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    For the believers, there is God. They believe that God is there to do justice. They do not wait for him and go to the court of law to get justice. In India, the number of litigants increased manyfold. The Courts of Law are overburdened with pending cases. The cases take a long time to get resolved. The litigants also drag the proceedings by asking for adjournments. There is nothing one can do other than waiting. In case if anyone tries to take the law into his hands and settle the issue, it will be illegal.
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    If punishment is not offered to a person commiting some serious mistake, he would be out of control one day. However immediate punishment is not required, let the offender be tried in the court and he should be given opportunity to defend himself. The judge hears the arguments of both the sides prior to awarding punishment. Court is not depriving of the basic rights of the offender while it is in progress. It may so happen that he might be exonerated from the case and a suitable punishment was not awarded from the court of law but a stage is seen when he gets the due punishment from God where he faces severe loss ultimately due to his grave crime.It could be in the form of sudden demise of his son supporting the family financially with his business. That could be his irreparable loss. Even his wife until healthy is afflicted with the cancer and for which he has no more resources to get the correct diagnosis of the specialist could be the major setback of his grave sin. Hence we cannot escape from the eye of God remaining under the impression that almighty God is not watchful.

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    Yes, this is true we should not wait for god for everything but at the same time, we can not do everything as per our own views. Some such questions are prevalent today, whose answers do not get any clarity. What is right, what is wrong, who should be punished and pardoned. Many times, these problems leave the final decision on God because perhaps it is an option. But if you do not punish the guilty in the same way, only on the belief that God will give them a lesson, then it is also wrong and to promote injustice. People should be strict to take actions against the guilty and the court should also be strict for justice.
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    Unfortunately in India, the legal proceedings are taking more time and the final verdict to come out is getting delayed. By the time the culprit has punished the actual mistake that person did will be out if the minds of the people in the country. Some system is to be adopted to finalise the cases at the earliest.
    A citizen can't take the law into his hand and punish the culprit. It is believed that punishing an innocent man is more severe than leaving a culprit. So we can't decide who is wrong and take action accordingly. Every person will have his own reasons for his way of conduct.
    The only belief is that God will never leave the people who do crimes. But He will act as and when required only. Lord Krishna gave 100 chances before punishing Sisupala who scolded Him without any reason.

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