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    Only hard work can save the middle classes now

    The middle class is being squeezed like never before. There is massive inflation that is snaring at them every single day. The Government at the Center is as insensitive to the needs of the middle class, as ever. Not since Independence has India seen such an arrogant Government, with the absence of even the minute guilt for having landed the country in such a big economic mess. A third-rate politician of the Tamil Nadu unit of the ruling party at the center, who does not know even elementary decency, went to the extent of asking the citizens to travel by bullock cart since the petrol prices will continue to be high!!

    Since the present state of affairs is not going to change anytime soon, the only option available for the middle classes is to now seek additional avenues for revenue generation. This comes in various forms and is compulsorily centered around acquiring new skills. The start may be slow and steady, but the revenue starts coming after a while. In our neighborhood, encouraged by the motivation of her son who is now an engineer from the prestigious Vellore Insititute of Technology, a school teacher took to Youtube and did not even show her face. Instead, she started online lessons on the stitching of women's wear. The start was very slow, but once she started getting huge amounts from this business, she has even quit her school job.

    In Chennai and Coimbatore, those who have lost their jobs, have started new businesses. For example, catering restricted to the residents of huge residential places, like gated communities or the immediate neighborhood. There are people who pool together technicians like motor mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and so on and enlist new customers through online mediums. The services are quick and very fast. Those who have just two cars have also started car services on rent and provide call drivers for those who want such drivers for travel within a radius of one hundred kilometers. There is a big demand from senior citizens who now visit temples.

    None of these services comes without any hard work, which is the bedrock of such success. There is absolutely no choice.
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    I agree that our country is facing serious economic crisis . The government will not accept it easily. Instead they will play blame game but playing blame game is not solution of the problems. The government has no treasure this is why new system of privatisation is coming up in our country . The government has its own limitations. We can't expect much of expectations from the government. In this situation when people are jobless. They have no money and finding hard to survive they need to find alternative sources and means of employment or earning some good amount which enables them to spend a comfortable life. people are doing their best to face this challenging task. Some of them have started their YouTube channels as the author has evinced. I think YouTube is the easiest way to earn money without investing any money.
    I assure the author that BJP government will never go from centre so he should mentally be prepared to enjoy his life with BJP as central government.

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    The author was supposed to discuss the hardships faced by the middle class and for us it has become the habit and that was there in the past , present and future. But he has chosen to belittle the central govt for its handling of present crisis. Yes the growth was slow and many lost jobs. What the central govt should do here. It is the world problem and every country has its own plans and future motto. Likewise India is also on the job of creating more freindly atmosphere post pandemic slow down and now again the cases gone up. The virus seems to be hard hit on India and other middle class nations.
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    Middle class Indian were always in the box of disappointment in their choice with luck of opportunity. They are become a compromising in nature and habituated to find their own sources of livelihood. Since independent many political party has came in to the power but no one has done anything for the middle class. Because middle class are in middle position always. They are always at hard working at every time , so there is nothing to do extra with the pandemic situation . The middle class already know that they have to maintain themselves without the help of the govt. or other authority. They maintain their children in such a way that they must acquainted with this true in life.
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    Middle-class people are always at the receiving end only. They will not get any freebies from the government as their income is making them above the level of poverty. They will not live like poor people. They want to have a reasonably sensitive life style. They suffer as they don't have money for this.
    Even in recent Corona problem also middle class suffered a lot. They lost their jobs and no income. Many have to go without a salary due to pandemic. In that situation, they faced the worst conditions.
    So far in independent India, no government helped these people. Either they are pro-rich or pro-poor. These middle-class people should have very good planning and see that they earn as much as possible by working a little extra hard and take care of their families.

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    The author of this thread should first ask himself whether India has seen such a pandemic after his birth in India. The country has not faced such pandemic earlier for the government to deal with. It is unfortunate that the pandemic has entered during BJP regime. The government has handled the situation well though there is an economical crisis.

    The author is still using irrelevant words like third rate politicians etc. We should appreciate the leader of the party who is bold enough to be a leader of the Tamilnadu BJP party whether he is good or bad.

    Middle class people are always hard workers. They will continue to remain as hard workers in the society. They cannot be neither rich nor poor.

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    Middle class was always exposed to the various economic risks that were happening in the country. This is not today only. The middle class is suffering from the time immortal and will be like that in future also and the reasons for same are very obvious. When a rich loses his fortune he becomes middle class and when poor gets a lift he also joins middle class. These people are always hard pressed for finances. They dream big but they do not have commensurate earning avenues. The author has tried to convey the hardships of the middle class though he had swayed away from the topic offending the politicians and higher ups for this mess and to some extent that is a reality also. Middle class is an ambiguous title. It is a vague classification. Actually the classification is - Super rich, very rich, rich, upper middle, middle, lower middle, poor, very poor, and downtrodden. The problem being faced is by lower middle, poor, very poor, and downtrodden. If we or you belong to these categories then only our points for fighting are justified.
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    Under the current circumstances, middle-class people need to work hard to make a living. It's just that the current situation has gotten even worse in this pandemic state that is now emerging. The nation has a responsibility to take care of the people. But governments formed under the leadership of political parties are only working to protect their interests. When a minister from a foreign country came to our country a few months ago, he asked one of our ministers what his job was. Our minister's reply was politics. Our minister got stuck when he was repeatedly asked what the job is to make a living. It has to be said that the curse of India is that politics and political activity have become a means of livelihood. We see American presidents returning to their jobs after their tenure. They walk the public streets without any security escort and watch movies with the family in the cinema hall. What is the situation here? The escort itself is spending a lot of money on such people. In India, before and after a person becomes a minister, we see an increase in his assets a hundred to a thousand times. Most of the tax money we pay goes into the pockets of such people. So where does the state get the wealth to protect its dependent civilians? Here in Kerala, from 1956 (originated the state) to 2016, the public debt was Rs 1.5 lakh crore. In the last 5 years, it has increased to 4 lakhs. It is true that some infrastructure has been increased. Similarly, the old-age pension of Rs 600 has been gradually increased to Rs 1,500 from last month. However, it is said that the loans were used extensively to develop infrastructure. Everyone's pockets are filled when roads and buildings are created. Material and labor costing Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 are used in road construction worth Rs 1 lakh. After a certain percentage of the contractors' profit, the rest goes to the corrupt account of the commission at various levels. Without the clutches of such corruption, there will be no wealth to be used for the upliftment of the common man. Without the clutches of such corruption, there will be no wealth to be used for the upliftment of the common man. Therefore, until a system is put in place to eradicate corruption (e.g. the Delhi government), the common man will have to live a miserable life.
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    The present economic crisis is due to pandemic phase which has hit the the job prospects and accordingly the demand of numerous products has dropped. Due to lay offs their jobs, there is no alternative but to accept any job for their survival and their families. They have marked a lot of difference between their past jobs and the present ones in respect of their emoluments. Their lives were comfortable due to their reasonable salaries but once loosing the same job, they have to contend with the present emoluments offering them meagre amount. But such jobs are to be accepted for the maintenance of the families. They need additional income to meet the expenses of the families apart from the present assignment and the same could be any one such as online teaching, taking up online marketing, setting up food stalls or starting up car service.Though involvement in such jobs apart from a normal one is quite exhaustive, there is no alternative way either. The present phase has offered the employees alternative jobs no doubt but to earn the same level of income as in the past, they need to take up multiple jobs.

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