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    When was the last time you saw a good old movie in your mother tongue?

    Sholay, the most memorable movie in Hindi, that was ever produced in India, is remembered to this day, only because it was so simple to understand and the body language and action appealed to millions around the country. In Chennai, where Hindi is still not a widely spoken language, the movie ran to packed houses for more than one year.

    On some channels, I recently viewed the MGR blockbuster called NamNadu (Our country). This movie exposed corruption at the political level and how power was misused by the politicians. There was not one scene that was objectionable. MGR was a real legend of his lifetime.

    Decades after the movie was released, thanks to some local channels in Tamil, we often get to see such movies. One understands that this is done by local cable tv operators. However, the vital thing is the last chance to watch such memorable movies, totally different from the trash that we get to see in Tamil, today, day in and day out.

    And our own Rajnikant is 70+, and fit to retire, So is KamalHassan, who is 60+. So, the only actor who is capable of good performance is Vijay Sethupathi, who is now showing some promise. Old is positively gold. Always. Members who have seen some good old movie, may share their experiences. Language is no barrier for good movies.
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    The author has interest in good movies - old and new. He has watched sholay , a Hindi blockbuster which is a historical movie. I don't know if anyone might not have watched it. It's dialogues are still alive and echoed on every platform.
    Mughle Azam, Ganga Jamuna, Guide, Aradhna, do beega zamin, garam hawa etc some excellent old Hindi movies. Once I was a fond of watching movie in cinema halls but now I think how I could spend three hours in sitting posture.

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    There are many old movies to remember. In Tamil, Manohara, Parasakhthi, Nadodi Mannan, Rajarajan, Mannathi Mannan, Arasa Kattalai, Paasamalar, Paava Mannippu, Paarthaal pasi theerum, Panama Paasama, Veerapandia Kattabomman and many more films.
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    Recently I have seen a good old movie of great actor and Ex Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh acted as Lord Rama. The name of the movie is Lavakusa. In this movie Anjali Devi acted as Sitadevi. This is the first geva colour movie in Telugu. The story is about Rama leaving Sita after hearing somebody talking bad about the way Rama received back Sita who spent many days in Lanka. So Rama asked Lakshmana to leave Sita in the nearby forest. Lakshmana left her there. From there Valmiki picked up her and started taking care of her. When Rama left her Sita was pregnant and delivered two boys in Valmiki's Ashram. He named them Lavudu and kusudu.
    The movie was a very old movie and all time hit. The movie continuously shown in a theater for one year. Rama Rao won many awards for his action in this movie.

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    I am not a regular movie goer but I like old Tamil movies when ever played on the small screen. When I visited Chennai some 15 years back, I happen to watch Gauravam, Tamil Movie starring Shivaji Ganeshan in dual role and that was wonderful to watch with family in a old theater amidst sound and hooting.
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    I love watching movies. I like most of the movies in the Hindi language. Because this is my local language and when I watch movies in Hindi, I can enjoy the movie more, in addition, I like to watch Hollywood movies and South movies that are dubbed in Hindi or English. If I like the story in movies, I like South Movies the most, not only me but there are many people in North India who like to watch South dubbed movies and YouTube is very helpful for this. I can't say about the old movie but my last movie was Drishyam 2, which I have seen. I saw it with the English Subtitle.

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    I had seen many Hindi movies earlier and even seen some of them second time also. For quite some time I have not seen any Hindi movie. The last time the old Hindi movie I saw was 'Chalti ka naan Gaadi' in which main roles were Ashok Kumar, Kishor Kumar, and Madhubala. It was a very entertaining film and full of fun and comedy. There are some old movies which one can see repeated number of times and it is as entertaining as it was before. Of course in every language there are good movies which entertain the people who understand that language. However due to availability of subtitles anyone can enjoy them.
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    I remember a good old Hindi film "Do Aanken Bharah Haath", a film directed and acted by Santha Ram. In that film Santha Ram acts as a police inspector and tries to change 6 hardcore criminals. A wonderful movie with good songs. The same film is available in Tamil as ' Pallandu Vazhga" in which MGR plays the role with Lata.

    "Ye Malik there Bande Hum" a song still lingers in my mind. "Onre Kulam enru Porruvom" is in Tamil.

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