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    World Water Day - 22nd March 2021

    The importance of water is known to every person, but still many people give their contribution to the waste of water. The importance of water can be understood from the fact that whether it is our body or our agriculture or any other organism, water is the first thing for everyone. Even nature has indicated to us that, perhaps, this is why the amount of water on our planet is also high. The value of water makes the most sense at a time when you are too thirsty and even if you have different types of juices, cold drinks, etc., but your need is only drinkable water at that time.

    Today, there are many places where water is not available and people walk many kilometers to go to get water. In many places, the underground water is also getting depleted. And the people who are getting water are not appreciating it. We often see, on the terrace of the houses, there are huge containers of water, several times after fulfilled, the water keeps flowing for some time because the carelessness of the people is so much that people do not turn off the machine and waste two important components, electricity and water. It is very important to be strict towards yourself to stop such negligence. Water is not just an important factor in our life, but water is our life, so save water.

    Water Day is celebrated on 22 March with this goal. Today, if every person takes a pledge to fulfill the purpose of this day, then only, we will be contributors to protecting life. Happy Water Day to all of you.
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    Water is the elixir of our lives. It is the most important commodity in our lives and is the precious gift of nature to mankind. It is the duty of each and everyone to preserve it. On the 'world water day' all of us should take a vow to conserve and reserve the water for our future. There are many ways to preserve this commodity and some of them are by making dams, lakes, cleaning and deepening of rivers, plantation, upgrading forests etc. Rain water is the greatest source of natural water and it is our prime duty to collect it in big reservoirs so that we can use it during the summer and other seasons as well.
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    Water was available plenty once upon a time. People were using water as they like. As the population increased we see scarcity of water. Now we are purchasing drinking water. In some places water for other uses also is being purchased. Even these days people are wasting water. If the present trend continues people will die for short of water.
    Water wastage should be controlled and we should see that minimum water is used. On this day of international water day let us see that the message of save water should be spread to as many as possible.

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    World water day is being celebrated and we know every drop of water counts and those who know the way to conserve the water are winners these days as the water is going to be scarce and the ground water level is depleting in many towns and cities. What ever rains are coming ,we are not able to conserve the water and most of the rain water is going to drains and then to the sea and ocean. On this day I am deeply remembering the former President Kalaam who sought to integrate and mingle all the rivers across the country so that no throat is left parched. One thing is sure where ever the water leakages are happening that must be repaired. And the supply through water tank need to be augumented fast as the summer is approaching and many hilly areas are not being reached by the drinking water.
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    As we celebrate World Water Day, I would like to light a candle on some of the things that need to be done in water use.
    During observing such day, various events are held at the government level and under the leadership of various organizations. Some oath-taking is also being made as fancy. Along with that some announcements also released from the government. After taking some heavy financial costs of all this, the oath-taking, the declarations, even the price of the paper in which they are written are forgotten without being releasing any order. All of this will be repeated again next year. More money is being spent on these than last year ..........
    The only things to remember on this 'water Day' are the things that are well known to all but never complied with.
    We use water taps for many purposes. If we open the tap in the bathroom for face wash, the tap will remain open until the ceremony is over. More water is wasted than is needed. Similarly, the amount of water needed for many days of use is wasted due to improper tap closing.
    The performance of our Water Authority is very distressing. Even if someone says over the phone that a water line pipe in a place is bursting and losing a lot of water - it takes days to prevent a pipe from bursting and leaking, citing the lack of staff and no vehicles here. To look over that - no senior official is willing to evaluate their activities. If anyone tries to do so, the workers' union will strike or block him. An end to this practice is essential. It is important to keep in mind that such countermeasures come at a time when researchers are warning that the water table is falling and drinking water is not far off. Rivers and canals are covered with waste and no one is trying to make it usable.
    Rainwater harvesting on the roofs of homes, apartments, and business houses is encouraging for everyone to use, but the reality is very far from over.
    Although there is a government order to build rain gutters to allow water to fall to the ground, these rain gutters will be covered once the house is completed and the occupation order is received. No department no longer tries to look at it. If these things are taken care of, a huge amount of water can be saved and made usable for a long time.

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