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    Every language is sweet

    A language is a means of communication, a mean of expression of thoughts and emotions. Every language is beautiful and easy to be spoken. I feel there is sweetness in every language and how much sweetness of a particular language we feel is subject to our knowledge and understanding of this language. But how language is made beautiful and how a listener finds himself closer to sweetness of the language entirely depends on the manner of expression, usage of words, credence of tone, excellence in accent, cheerfulness and expressions of face of a conversationalist define beauty of a language. Several factors make a language good or bad, However, no language is bad in itself. It is said that his language is not good but her language is good whereas both speak the same language then how a language can be bad about a particular person whereas the same language can be good about another person. Actually, how is the presentation of language deciding whose language is good or bad? Being bad or good of a language does not mean that the language is bad rather it is the person who speaks the language he himself is bad.
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    If we go through the evolution of human society then we will find that due to geographical distances and cultural differences and different way of living, different societies progressed in different ways and they had their own way of communication and had totally different sounds and syllables to speak words and sentences in their own way. Due to this isolation and separation between the societies their languages also developed distinctively. There are hundreds of main and thousands of dialect languages in the world. They only differ in their way of writing and speaking but not in their meaning. They are sweet or sour depending the way they are used.
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    The greatness of our country is that we boast of so many languages and yet the people understand and mingle with others freely and make the life going. All the four Dravidian languages are inter related and the South Indians feel at home where ever they go across the four states. While Hindis has been the most famous and spoken language in the country, the Telugu and Tamil speaking people are also spread across the country by virtue of their work and transfers. Nevertheless if every Indian knows additional one or two languages apart from his own mother tongue , that would be a added advantage. For example in our city, Hyderabad every other state people are living and we know more langauges. I myself know Tamil, Telugu,Hindi, Urdu, and English. Besides we can also understand the Kannada and Marathi languages.
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    I totally agree with the caption that reads as Every language is beautiful .I belong to west uttarpradesh and till the time i don't talk to a person who speaks in my language which has a little ascent of Haryanvi i don't get the feel .But that is just for making the topic interesting .Our culture is so much beautiful with so many languages which have their own importance ,which depict about the culture and about the beautiful people of the place where they belong.
    If you belong from a Northern state of our country and go to a place somewhere in south for some work sometime you will feel bored after your if you don't have a person who speaks in your language .Which means a language gives a belongingness to a person and the way he /she is comfortable with. Our country is so much blessed with so many different languages unlike other countries which have one single language then even they don't feel unity .But we have set a great example of Unity in diversity.

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    "Kakkaikku Than Kunju Pon Kunju" A Tamil proverb means - For a black crow, its little crow is a golden crow". Similarly, for a person, his own mother tongue would be the sweetest language than the other languages.
    All languages are sweet. No language is bad or worst. A language is to communicate, convey thoughts, ideas, and information.

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    I agree with the author. I like my mother tongue and I feel it is a sweet language. All will feel the same with their mother tongue. Nobody will say that their mother language is not sweet. Sweetness will come to the language with the way one uses the words and expresses them. When you talk keeping the listeners in view, your language will be sweet only. If you go and speak in Tamil who never understand that language, he may not feel any sweetness. If you speak to a scholar definitely he can understand and enjoy the language. He can evaluate you based on your way of expression also.
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    The author has rightly said, every language is very sweet and nice if it is spoken in a good way. Language is the medium of communication through which one can share with the front, but having knowledge of the language is of no use if the person does not know how to choose words and be polite in words. Both our civilization and our language form our identity. Every language is good for anyone who speaks and understands it. Some people give more importance to their language and ignore other languages, this behavior is wrong. If you do not know how to speak another language, then no problem with that, but you do not allow to insult other languages . The specialty of our country is that every language is respected here.
    Swati Sharma

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