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    Generic medicines scheme has lost its popularity in india.

    The Indian government started a scheme of distributing generic medicines to the people with a very low cost which is affordable to lower income group also. But the initiatives not succeeded in the country till date. Some one are in a opinion that generic medicine is less effective than other branded medicine as they are very cheapest and nothing will be there, some ones view is that my doctors has written the name of the medicine in my prescription and I want to that named medicine only to cure. But actually what is the reasons behind it ? is it the politics of the doctors, or businessman or the govt. As I know that both the medicine are equal in quality but the price is much higher in branded medicine. One example I take a tablet "Rosuvas F 10" which is Rs.337.00 per 15 tablet strip, cost of same generic medicine is Rs.72.00 per 15 tablet strip. So why should I go for branded medicine. Please share your view.
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    Whether the author has been supporting the Generic medicines are not clear, but the fact is that when compared to the branded varieties of medicines the generic medicines are very cheap and affordable. I am a diabetic patient and if take six varieties of the medicines in normal medical shop it would cost me 1200 rupees for one week. Whereas I am spending 350 per week and my health is also ok. All these years the medical lobby has been looting the patients and now the generic is the best way to keep our health at right phase and right good. And more such shops should be opened across the country.
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    Generic medicines are as good as the branded ones and the branded ones are the favourite medicines of the doctors since they get the commission of such prescriptions. This cycle is continuing since a long time and the recommending doctor would not like to discontinue this privilege. Generic medicines contain the same chemical ingredients as those of branded ones and hence its efficiency remains the same in both the cases.
    We have the feedback of different friends regarding the efficacy of the generic medicines and as per their disclosures these medicines work fine.

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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we see many medical shops selling these generic medicines. People will go for these medicines.
    Some medicines are not available in generic medicines. This may be due to patent rights and only a few companies may be having these rights. After a specific period, only the patent rights will go and the medicine will be available in the generic shop as the number of manufacturers will increase.
    Medical shopd are available everywhere but genric shops are only limited. When we go for buying a medicine we will try to go to the nearest shop instead of searching for a generic shop.

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    There is a warning that most doctors say. "Take this prescribed drug only. Do not use a substitute." So we all think that will be the only medicine to cure his disease. The government had issued a directive to all doctors. "When prescribing any drug, write down its generic name also." But most of all doctors prescribe only branded drugs. The generic name will not be written for any reason. There is no government department to check it. National and state-level associations of doctors who offer great ethics will not speak out against it. This is only the result of an unholy alliance between drug companies and doctors. This is the part of a give-and-take policy between them. What is their unwritten policy? When a doctor prescribes a company-branded drug to a certain quantity of patients, the company pays for it. It will be accounted for in cash, gold coins, and other items at regular intervals. There are doctors with the good practice who earn 10 or more gold coins incentives a month.
    That is not our subject.
    Pradhan Mantri Jen Aushadhi Yojana is a project of the Central Government.
    Only one center will be allowed in a panchayat/municipality. It will often be in a remote space. Those who seek and buy medicine will find that the price of the drug is much lower than the amount they have suffered to find out the center.
    Let me tell you my own experience. For the last four years, I have been buying medicine worth around Rs 1600 per month. For my mother, the medicine costs around Rs 1350 per month. I was looking for a 'Jan Oushadhi Kendra' in the municipality where I now live. No one knows. When I inquired with a friend I met two months ago he told me almost an area. I went there and bought medicine. It was so amazing. My medicine for a month, which was Rs 1600, lowered to Rs 348. My mother's medicine, which was Rs 1250, lowered to Rs 246. This is a great relief to the common people and those who are financially backward.
    It is essential to promote this as much as possible.
    My view is that each state government should create a drug bank that collects a certain percentage of the drug as a levy from the pharmaceutical company in the respective state (as KSEB receives electric bulbs and tube lights) and distributes it to the weaker section.

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    The price difference between the same medicine of different companies is a complex matter and the big and reputed company says that their overheads are very high as they have to spend on advertisements and top level infrastructure in their production lines. So, they cannot lower the prices. Hence in the market same medicine with different names is available and prices differ significantly. Many people buy the cheaper generic medicines. There is no problem in that. The pharmacist or the pharmacy owner is not interested to sell only the generic because the absolute profit there will be less than what he would be able to make out easily with the costlier ones. So, there are many reasons as why these generic are not successful as they were thought at the time of introduction.
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    Even though the generic medicines are cheaper and also good quality, we are not getting the same for all varieties. That means the medicines concerned to skin disease, and other important ailements are not having substitute. When we say to the regular doctors that we are using the generic medicine, they are advising to immeditely change to the branded varieties. But branded medicines are very costly and no discount is given to the customers. The Aayush department should see that all the medicines are brought under the generic catogetory so that medicines becomes affordable for us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I think that time to time drug controllers and inspectors check the drugs whether they are generic or branded. So, it is not an easy job to give some fake tablet in place of a genuine tablet. If caught their licenses will be cancelled.
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