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    Take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere in the morning.

    Waking up early in the morning is a very good habit, but more than that it is also important to understand whether we are taking any advantage of our morning silence or not. If after waking up even early in the morning, you are starting the day with cluttering, as soon as you wake up, your mind starts to list the long days of work and you start to panic that there is so much work to be done, then you will spend the whole day in a hurry. Instead, when you wake up early in the morning and give some time to yourself, then your day is spent more relaxed. In the usual form meditation is the best way to get a good start in the morning, but even if you do not want to meditate, you can sit in private in the peaceful atmosphere of morning, for some time connect yourself with nature, then slowly organize your daily routine. If the morning starts in a peaceful way then your whole day will be happy automatically.
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    Morning is a time to meditate and do Yoga or exercises to keep the mind under calm and quietness. In our scriptures morning time is reserved for some positive and spiritual activities and then only one has to start the day for the materialistic activities. Many people follow this and achieve an eternal bliss and happiness. It is said that well begin is half done. So, if the morning time is engaged in positive activities the whole day will go under that positiveness.
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    Early morning the whole atmosphere is very pleasant and after a night's rest if we wake up early in the morning we will have a pleasant mind. We can concentrate more on the work on hand or the subject we are studying. That is why our elders used to tell us that early to go to bed and early to get up. When I was in high school studies I used to get up very early and spend some time in my studies. But these days we see many few students who get up so early. The outside atmosphere also will be good and many people go early morning walk. Traffic on the roads will also be less and we can travel fast if we start early in the morning.
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    Morning time is not only peaceful but energetic as well. When we wake up after 6-7 hours of sleeping then we feel fresh and ready to take on all kind of responsibility. And we all should better use to this time. This time, If we indulge in any kind of activity it gives good result because of a better feeling. Besides, It is the most important time to remember God. I feel this time is the best time to start any work.

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    I am regular morning waking up person and my day starts at 4 am . The advantage of early morning at the wee hours is immense in many ways That we are not disturbed by any one and our concentration to the work and thoughts are new. Having woke and freshen up we feel the warmth of total control over the morning because we have ample time to plan , initiate and execute the things that were pending in the past. When the day time is having full of distraction and disturbance all around, the morning atmosphere is more relaxed and here is no wavering mind in us. So for the students this is the best period to study and prepare for the exams as they can devote much of their time with total silence and who have scored good marks in the exams are those who prepared very well during the early mornings
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    I also like sitting peacefully for a while in the morning. Nowadays I do not need to rush for the preparation of a lunch box for my son or my husband so anyways the mornings are not so busy but even when things were different with a list of tasks for the mornings, I used to keep 10-15 minutes for myself in the morning. I sit on my balcony with a glass of warm water and enjoy the fresh breeze.

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