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    Does our behaviour depends on the mood of the day?

    In private companies the boss would be very jovial and friendly with the employees and that would bring close rapport in understanding one another. While the general character of the boss is known to all , we cannot expect same behavior from him for obvious reasons. The mind swings from the morning till the evening depends on the favorable and non favorable things happening to him and thus he forced to behave strict on some days and jovial on some other day. Did you notice this kind of moves in your boss. Kindly share your views.
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    Definitely, our mood will have a say in our behaviour and performance. When we are in a sorrowful mood somebody comes and cuts some jokes also we can't enjoy them. When we are seriously involved in a problem somebody tries to disturb us we may shout at them. But when we are free and want to have some discussion we will enjoy talking to others. If your boss fired you, you will be in a bad mood. Such times if somebody comes to ask you for help your reaction may be different. If the boss is in a happy mood and you go and ask for leave he may sanction immediately. Other times he may be tough.
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    I totally agree with what the author points out as I have worked entirely for a private company. Our managing director was a young man and the chairman was a very old man (about seventy years old) who had retired from military service. When our MD at his cabin after a meeting with some very important and difficult issues was discussed, he has a habit of shouting with short-tempered when any staff came to his cabin for some urgent matters. Since the next cabin was of the chairman, the chairman would immediately come down and call us to his cabin and give us the solution and let us go.
    What is to be learned from it? If the management learned the fact that each employee is working not only for their living but also for the development of the company, they will not speak harshly. The Chairman's behavior reflects the realization that employees working in the private sector are also for the betterment of the company. Then the mood needs to be changed according to needs. Life experiences can help for that.

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    The manager or the boss in any capacity will have so many things to do and he will be giving directions to the people under him or be getting directions from his higher ups as he is also a subordinate to someone in the hierarchy. It often so happens because of the workplace pressure and stress that the boss might flare up time to time and it is not very uncommon to see that in our offices or factories. These people will have a change of behaviour from time to time and fluctuations in their outward manners day wise or week wise. There are some exceptional bosses who keep a control on their temperament and tell things in a balanced tone. Theoretically speaking a boss should be coherent and patient and should not be in a hurry to bang the subordinates just like that.
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    Whenever we see an executive holding higher position in the company, we can notice that he is over stressed due to work load. However, there are employees under him to assist him for speedy disposal of the jobs. But the excess interference in each and every job from his end would disturb the normal cycle of working. In fact there should be proper delegation of the jobs from the boss splitting the jobs in different components. Each component is to be finished under the supervision of the different boss. In that way, the combined job would be completed successfully without producing any strain to the higher boss. Cajoling or firing the employees would be ultimately be counterproductive since they would no more be interested to augment the targets of the company.

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    I want to add that mood change has a relation with the family conditions and day to day events happening in one's personal life and it is possible that one particular day the boss may be in some good mood while other day he may not be like that and his behaviour will be reflecting those personal problems time to time. There could be many other reasons but this could be one of the prominent out of those.
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    Yes, it depends but it is better to make our behaviour absolutely independent of our mood. No need to think of how a boss should behave under pressure and just think how would you feel if someone shouts at you because her/his mood is different. Obviously, you will not feel good and that is applicable to everybody. Whatever may be the problem we need to find a solution. Shouting at others because of your mood is not a solution. If we behave according to our mood, actually most of us are habituated to do that only, it reflects how poor we can manage ourselves let alone managing others or subordinates.

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    Perhaps the author has shared his experience what he faces in his office. I agree with the author as it happens normally in every organisations but it's also a fact that guys who are holding senior posts in any organisation are also common people like their subordinates. They also face the same situation from their boss what the author has mentioned about. Sometimes, even the chairman or managing director may treat his employees in harsh manner as he might be under tremendous pressure which may be of any sort. It may be decline in sale of company's product or it may be decline of market or it may be possible that his wife has disarrayed his mood or due to any other reason his mood is off. When a person is shouting, think about him that he has gone mad and mad people should be tolerated because they are senseless. I think it's not a big issue and nothing to worry about it
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