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    What would be side effects of reducing legal drinking age from 25 to 21?

    When the country is confronting with the problem of drunkards increasing day by day as they create nuisance in public places and make the life hell for the women folks the Delhi govt has reduced the legal drinking age of the person from 25 to 21 there by giving room for more youth and unemployed taking to drinking for no reason. What must have prompted the authorities to bring more youth to the drinking habits. Do you support such a move which is going to spoil the very normalcy in many homes. Please share your protest or support.
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    There are many young people who are taking drinks, drugs, and other such things well before reaching the legal age for that. When they are in hostel far from their houses they learn all these things and it is quite common though it is definitely a bad thing to indulge in such vices. Even those who are living with parents get many opportunities with friends for partying and fun making in places where they sleep for the night and do not return home till next morning. It is said that prohibition will not be effective until society is adaptable to those rules and regulations and people will do all such activities in the hiding. So, Delhi Govt wants it to make easier for the people who want to drink legally and need not to hide it. This may also increase the Govt revenue and Delhi Govt somehow needs the revenue badly as it has provided so many sops to the public there losing much revenue for the Govt.
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    When we go to the liquor shop, they don't ask our age and issue liquor. Their aim is to sell liquor and make money. All youths irrespective of their ages are consuming liquor. Relaxing the age from 25 to 21 won't make any difference. It is only on the paper for records. The revenue through liquor would increase which would be better for the government.

    If the age to vote is 18, and if the age to marry is 21, what is the harm if we make the age to consume liquor as 21? Doesn't matter. No worry at all.

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    Mohan, could you please clarify as to what is 'legal drinking'? Is there something by the name 'illegal drinking'?

    I do agree with your point about reducing the age limit but would that be effective as just another law? Would you apply the same logic before buying your son/ daughter a bike before he/ she attains the age to own a driving license?

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    By legal drinking it means the govt approved age bar.
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    The government's aim is to make a congenial environment for its people but what the Delhi government has done here with the youth they have given oil to the burning fire. Is this their agenda to collect more tax and make more money with liquor? The direction is going in this way only. Mr. SUN has pointed out that the liquor seller doesn't ask for his /her age while selling it so do we tell our younger brothers and sisters to go and buy liquor. If we will see we will find that Delhi is becoming one of the biggest education hubs in the country and students who are living in hostels or PGs will have a simple right to have liquor. Are their parents watching them? I don't think so because they can not be there every time with them. Here it is the duty of the government to avoid such a nuisance in society.

    We know that our GDP is not in a good state because of the pandemic but this is not the only way to make revenue at the stake of youth's health and morality. If they do so then the Delhi government does not have the right to talk about female safety and a good environment in the society .

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    Mohanji, there will not be any side effects. The response of Mr. Sun is very appropriate. By this, the Delhi Government may not benefit. Now that the Lieutenant Governor has to approve anything done by the Delhi Government, we have to wait and watch.
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    I never know that there is an age limit for drinking. Once you are above 18 you are a major and you can live the way you wanted as long as you are not disturbing other people's life. These days we see many students drinking alcohol. I have seen in hostels, students studying UG consuming these alcohols. So I don't see any negative effect by reducing the age limit from 25 to 21. It is the individual who has to decide.
    We know that a minor is not eligible to drive any motorised vehicle and they will not be given any license till they complete their 18th year of age. But we see many students of high school and intermediate using the bikes.

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    While considering the side effects of liquor consumption, one has to pay the heavy amount to the doctor for the different disorders the chief being is the liver disorders, high blood pressure at the later stage and host of other health issues. Leave apart all these, we have witnessed many husbands of maids doing nothing but they snatch the hard earned money of their wives for satisfying their buds for the liquor. Erosion of money from the family causes often rifts between husband and wife causing disturbance of peace of the entire family.
    The government should see all these aspects before legalising the same. If the death results from the overconsumption of the liquor, who are the end losers?
    Only earning revenue through the liquor should not be motive of the governments.

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    I do not find anything wrong in making the legal age to 21 from 25 for youngsters so that they can buy them a drink. Now there are many pros and cons but the majority is just hype by political parties or the so-called good people. Let us check some of the points:
    1. The legal age to vote is 18 years where I get the node to vote for the people who would be ruling our country.
    2. The legal age to marry is 21 years
    3. The legal age to make their driving license is 18 years where they can drive any vehicle.

    Now when a person is allowed to choose our government, able to decide his life partner and drive vehicle, don't you think that they are capable enough to know what they should eat, drink or how they should enjoy. Yes, a restriction till their teenage is good but we cannot control them always but only guide them. When the government can open bars, beverages even during the COVID situation, what bad can happen if the age is brought down from 25 years to 21 years. I would support if the government ban the product like liquor, pan masala or gutka instead of just asking them to put a warning sign on the product.

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    If we see the practical side there is no effect of this rule that the younger people will now rush to the shops for buying a bottle of wine. Even if there is a legal limit on age where is the governance to administer that. For me it was a news that such a legal age existed. As Mr Sun has rightly pointed out even a student can go to a shop and buy liquor for his uncle. It is so common.
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    It does not affect those young people who like to drink except they are legally authorised to consume liquor. However, no shopkeeper asks their age when they buy bottles. What happens at parties is not hidden, even drugs are consumed but drugs are available in the market. Does the policy is stupid? No, but everything goes on. Consumption of liquor is harmful to every person whether he is 21 years old or 25 years old. It does not differentiate. Can the government ban liquor? Why the government issues licence to liquor sellers? It is an open secret that huge revenue comes through liquor selling. Even these people who are authorised to issue a licence might be involved in drinking regardless of their age is.
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