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    Politicians must have a retirement age

    All jobs have a retirement age. But there is no such thing as a retirement in politics alone. No matter how old they are, if they can get up and walk, they will bargain for the seat. Many are not ready to give up their seats for the youth. Many efficient persons in politics waiting for opportunities. Is it right to disappoint them like this?

    MLA, MP, the Chief Minister and Prime Minister are getting salaries and allowances like any other employees.

    Shouldn't retirement age be as important in politics as any other occupation?
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    Yes. There should be some age restriction for the politicians. The President age can be relaxed. But the Prime Minister, and other cabinet Ministers, MPs and MLAs should retire from politics after the age of 60. The Prime Minister should not go for a second term, but retire and sit at home after completing his first term.
    But who will initiate such action, or who will bell the cat?

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    After reading this post , I split in to laughters because there is no retirement age for the politicians and the more the senior the more the respect in the political circles cutting across the party lines. The political leaders are here to make money and not to serve. So their motive is to stick on the party no matter what ever their age and they also try to bring in their children to the party thereby making full use of their influence and position in the party. Most of the politicians chidren in politics in one position or the other and thus they try to contol their vote bank for every elections and get benefited.
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    This is a very pertinent issue and raised by the concerned people time to time. The politicians always make an excuse that more experienced the person is, better he will rule the country and this is agreed in many countries. For example in China the present head of the country was asked by the communist party to continue till he dies. So everywhere pattern is same. Logic says that they should also retire at an age of 60 and if not 60 then it should be 65 as is the case with the lecturers and doctors. But the only challenge is how to pass that type of bill proposal in the parliament and make it a law.
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    I do not think there should be any age limit for politicians. What we want is matured brains to look after the governance and administration of the country. This not like other regular jobs. It is for them to stay away from politics when they are physically and mentally not up to the mark.

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    If the politicians are actively thinking of upgrading the standard of the common people, there is no harm in giving them an extension of service through the mandate. After all, they have enormous experience in the field of politics. They are aware of the people's needs and they are able to perform their tasks up to the expectations of the common people, they should be given an opportunity to serve the people irrespective of their ages. The brain remains active even at the ripe old age unless there is some serious health issue affecting their performance.

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    Actually, politics is not treated as a profession in earlier days. It was a service to the country and the people. That is why no qualification is fixed for entering into politics. Similarly, no retirement age is also fixed. There are no fixed salaries also. Some honorarium they may be getting. but not hefty amounts. They were also spending normal lives like any other citizen. Now MPs and MLAs may get pension also. When there are changes in the benefits to those people why can't we have an age limit and qualifications also these people?
    It need not be 60 years but it can be 70 years. But there should be a limit. Similarly, a minimum qualification should also be fixed. Now all the government employees also are not getting pension. So for these people also there should not be any pension. All such changes should be brought. Then only we can see some good people coming to politics.

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    The author has rightly said that it is very important to have such a change in our politics. It has always been very sad that in a country where tough examinations and qualifications are decided even for a small job, the same leader or politician has neither qualification nor any exam nor any retirement age has done. Rather, it has become the custom in our country that a person who is old in age can become a big leader of the country. This change is not possible until the youth are aware of themselves because it is easy to give a favor on social media but it is not so easy to change things in reality.
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