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    All the decisions of the government need the approval of the Lieutenant Governor to rule Delhi?

    The Union government has passed a bill in the Lok Sabha seeking the approval of the lieutenant governor for any administrative decision taken by the Delhi government. This will lead to a power struggle between the ruling AAP and the lieutenant governor. The National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021 was introduced to clarify the Hon'ble Supreme Court order regarding jurisdiction in Delhi. The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy. There was only the AAP and the Congress to oppose. The Bill stipulates that the Government of Delhi, as stated in the judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, should mean Lieutenant Governor. The bill was introduced to clarify this.

    If so, why Delhi turned into a state and electing MLAs to govern the state?

    why not keeping Delhi as a Union Territory?
    An open opinion is sought in this regard.
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    By virtue of being the National capital and all the foreign country ambassodors and high commossioners stay there the responsibility of their security and concern likes with the central govt. Though earlier it was the Union territory and under the constant political pressure, it was changed to Statehood and now MLA's are getting elected. But what is the use every work mooted by the state govt should have the approval of the Lt. Governor and thus there is tiff between the Rajbhawan and the CM office. That is why the state should not go over board and have the fighting mode with the center.
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    The National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021, makes the existence of the Delhi Government irrelevant. As the author has rightly pointed out, it is better to keep Delhi as Union Territory. All the expenditure for the Delhi Government is a waste of public money. The only possible reason could be to have control over the Delhi administration indirectly in the hands of the Central Government. The police already under the control of the Home Minister of India. The BJP cannot even dream of winning Delhi. So this is one way it can make AAP toothless.
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    It is not the right decision. When the government is elected by the people, why an individual should be given the power to say No. It is not a union tertiary and it is a full-fledged state and there is a state government. This state should also be like any other state. Why have separate rules for this state. Now the Lieutenant Governor will become above the government and he may behave against the state government. It is going to create problems for the state consequently for the nation also. The bill is coming mainly due to the difference of opinions between the central government and the State government.
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    What was the idea behind making Delhi a state is not understood by many in this country. It was good as a union territory only. After making the state it was not given the control on police and other law and order things on some pretext and the CM of Delhi had highlighted that shortcoming as he was not able to exercise control on the police. There was a continuous clash between the CM and LG since the present CM took charge of Delhi. It seems that when Sheila Dikshit was the CM there was no such problem as LG and CM were in tune to each other and Shela Dixit never took this point as she did not face any problem in this regard. She was CM for a very long time. Why the present CM is having so much problems with that established system is to be examined and if genuine reasons are there then the authority should be passed to them or Delhi is to be reverted back as union territory.
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    We are hearing about the conflict between the Lieutenant Governor and Chief Minister for quite some time and with this new rule it might flare further. This type of conflict at higher level generally is a detrimental factor for the state only.
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