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    What is Indian culture and the traditions that are to be followed?

    What exactly defines Indian culture and traditions and are they different from each other is the basis of this forum discussion.

    India is a big country with diversity. Across the country people of various religions, languages, cultures, and different traditions live. The country was under the rule of Hindu dynasties, Mughals, and finally the British for a long time until the British were forced to leave giving us independence. Due to the rule of others for a long time, there was a fusion of cultures, customs, and traditions. Many people are going abroad for various reasons like education, jobs, business, etc. Some are settling in other countries and some are returning to the native country. The interaction with people of other countries also brings some changes in the culture and traditions.

    Many times, we hear people saying this is not our culture or this is not our tradition. It may be the arts, literature, dressing, eating habits, and many more. We ourselves have seen a lot of changes in society during our lifetime. When so much change has taken place, how we can say this is not our culture or this is not our tradition?
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    When we are living in the society, state and the nation, surely we belong to India and our culture is rich and heritage is superb. On the one hand we going to the western countries and aping their fashions and style and on the other hand there are foriegners who came to India, embraced our tradition and culture and even they done in our attire. I happen to meet one devotee of ISKCON in Hyderabad who happened to be American and was attracted towards Hinduism and Krishna cult and thus he looks more Hindu than American and that was very stunning. This proves there is much to follow our culture.
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    Every country will have its culture and traditions of its own. This culture will come from the elders of society to the next generation. Wearing a Dhoti is the culture of our country. But we changed that culture. We learned from English people and started wearing pant and shirt. This is a culture change. Similarly wearing a saree is our culture. Still, the majority of old ladies wear saree only. But the culture from western countries is coming and there is a change 9n wearing dresses. Like this, our culture is what our elders practised. Changes are inevitable. Over a period of time, we will see some changes in these aspects.
    Coming to traditions, respecting elders, Gurus and Scholars is our tradition. Our epics say that all should respect their parents. This is our tradition. But slowly the traditions are also changing.

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    Indian culture is very wide range and massive. There are subtle differences from one place to other but under current is same. There is a big element of freedom in our culture and no one forces us to follow it. There is no compulsion from any religious head compelling us to anything in this respect. Indian culture promotes friendliness with others, it makes us kind hearted, it also help us to see the world in a peaceful perspective etc. Due to this fundamental premises we are generally very tolerant, patient, and avoid confrontation. People worldwide are impressed and influenced by this doctrine and quote it elsewhere. There might be differences from place to place and society to society in our country but the basic temperament is same everywhere.
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    The Indian culture of feeding the poor is the great noble cause and many trusts spread across the country has been mitigating the problem of hunger through mass feeding. There are so many temples and private NGO's involved in the poor feeding daily and that is done very silently. The way the devotees get whole some food in Tirumala and the way the ISKCON foundation has been making food arrangement for free to those who are hunger needs to be appreciated and both these big trusts are affording tasty food.
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    Indian culture is a very liberal one in the sense that the Indian society does not force anyone to follow it or stick to it. The people who understand the benefits of living with their culture follow it and that is the very strength of our culture that it survives in spite of so any constraints. It is still surviving even after we were under the Mughals for such a long time and then under Britishers for a good time.
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