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    Even a small idea of yours may bring a new change in the society

    We are all part of mankind and God has created all of us and has given a great gift to every person and that is our brain, in which often new thoughts, new inventions, new ideas are produced and when which idea becomes a big example for the society, it cannot be told until we execute that idea.

    But sometimes people start suppressing their thoughts after a time. For example, if there is a person who is employed in a multinational company and now he only fulfills his given target and gets his salary every month, it is a simple way in which your brain is addicted to only one job, it happens. But if we inspire it for new ideas, then we always keep learning new ones. It is not necessary to let these new ideas distract you from your work, but if you wish, you can bring new ideas in the same work and you can discuss those ideas with your senior.

    Whatever may be the work, whatever your age, but do not try to stop new ideas that generating in your brain, do not limit yourself and your thoughts to the limits. Everyone has the right to think and generate new ideas, always take advantage of this important gift of God.
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    Rightly said by the author. In this regard I respect the Marwadi community which runs scores of business across the country do take idea and suggessions even from the small employee of the company so that what is the best can be taken in to account. It may look absurd that the senior managers, employees are consulted and that is understandable but consulting the class four employee and taking his views is something not every one understands and there lie their importance. One thing is sure even a child can give better idea sometimes surprising the parents and others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good idea is always welcome. But an idea is to be implemented to see the benefits of that idea. Sometimes when somebody suggests a new idea, we may ignore it. But later on, somebody may implement the same and they get good benefits. Then we repent for the same.
    All the developments are basically from the ideas of some individuals only. When newton was under a tree an apple from the tree has fallen down. Then he got an idea of gravitational forces. That idea brought many changes to our lives.
    Like this many inventions like mobiles, TVs and other modern gadgets are from the ideas of some individuals. Ideas will come to us also. But how seriously we take those ideas and work on that is the question?

    always confident

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    Any positive and constructive idea brought for welfare of the society is welcome and people having idea should come ahead with practical support to those ideas and inculcate others to give their support also to those things. It is only the new ideas which can bring changes and sometimes able to provide the overall benefits to all. Society should also extend their collective support to these people.
    Knowledge is power.

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    History has shown that almost all great developments begin with small ideas. Society has embraced all ideas, which were small but positive and constructive. It can be seen that those small ideas have become bigger ideas through the careful and serious refinement of the society and it has paved the way for the all-round development of the society.
    Of course, all ideas, even a small idea of yours may bring a new change in society.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    It is true that a good idea can change the society. Many people have ideas and they share it also with the like minded people and a collective effort generally brings progress or development. We should not nip in the bud our good ideas as that can help the society in big ways. I have seen some senior citizens who were bringing a bottle of water from their houses to water the plants in a deserted land area near our town where some plants were planted during the plantation drive but no water is available for watering them. Seeing them doing that noble work some other residents started to bring water during their morning walks and now the whole patch has become green. A great work indeed. The seniors shared their ideas and some people followed and that was the key to success in this case.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Indeed, brain is one of the most important organ in our body. It generates new ideas, thoughts, ideologies, dogmas, theories, notion, perception, assumption and much more.
    This brain has invented thousands of new inventions and has discovered innumerable mysteries. It's power is unfathomable. It has given many positive new creations to this world but on the other side it has brought all kind of paraphernalia of devastation to the world. This brain has bower to create rift between hearts and the same brain brings people together. It has immense power to change whole human life.
    Everybody has brain, now it is his onus to use this brain for betterment of himself, others, society and the country.

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