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    Do you teach your kids or prefer to hire a tutor?

    Many parents are well qualified and they can get some time to guide and teach their kids at least up to class VIII or so. If the husband is not able to find time then the wife who is not working can spare time to teach the kids. I have found that many people do not like to take that responsibility and instead hire a tutor for their children. Is it so difficult to teach the children if one has got time in hand also for that activity? Do yo teach your kids or prefer to hire a tutor? Please share your views on this.
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    No, it is not that parents don't like to take responsibility and send them to tuition. Even I used to feel the same before that kids going to tuitions at younger age is really waste as parents can only teach them. But when I have to teach my 4 year old, it becomes hectic. She literally does not finish her homework or write what I teach and get into playful mode. No matter how much I try to discipline her or scare her she is not bothered. She takes things for granted. And I'm sure the same is the situation for every parent who try to teach their kid. Somehow, parents are taken for granted or not taken very seriously. But in tuition, when someone else teaches then they learn and do things quickly especially when there are other students also. So, I feel it becomes wrong if we tell parents cannot take responsibility of teaching their child.

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    Nice question raised by the author. My wife being a teacher herself and I am being qualified enough, we both were eager and patiently answer all the doubts raised by the kids and what we have gone one step further that tomorrows lesson was being taught today to the children so that they excelled in the class and could understand what the teacher said with rapt attention and that paved way for super understanding of each subject and both my son and the daughter were ranker from the day one and they continued to do so. Over the passage of time our knack was known to them as the they went higher classes and never sought the tuition nor they faced any problem. In fact both of my children was teaching the fellow children of neighbors and thus they become more educated and ore informed.
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    It is not that the parents are not interested in teaching their kids, their closeness is the hindrance factor in the way of teaching. They always remain in the play mode and this mood cannot be changed despite their instructions of continuing their studies and revising the chapters already taught to them. They take in the casual way and no progress is being seen inspite of their best efforts to improve their wards. However, the situation could be different if the same teaching is continued by any professional tutors. They would definitely pick up the lessons taught by them quickly since the factor closeness is absent. Just to remain ahead of their studies, parents arrange for their tuitions from the tutors.

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    My uncle was a high school teacher and another uncle was a primary school teacher. So during my primary school and high school studies, I used to go to them for tuition. But we never sent our children to any tutor.

    My wife taught my children up to 10th class. When I had some time I used to teach them mathematics and sciences. But regularly my wife was sitting with them and making them study. She used to clear their doubts and see that they are regularly completing their Home works. She used to see whether they are ready for the examinations and also used to see that some old examination papers are answered by them. 75% of the teaching at home she was doing and the remaining I was doing. We used to send them for EAMCET coaching when they were in the 10th class.

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    Most of the parents will not like to teach their offsprings in a regular manner as it not only engages them and requires discipline but also because many children would not be able to withstand that dual role of teaching as well as treating them affectionately by their parents. A teacher or coaching class is a situation where child cannot depart from the stipulated discipline and procedure and has to concentrate in the lesson. So I think that hiring a tutor will be a better option. Till class V or so it may not matter much but as the load of studies increases the child has to be kept under external teacher only.
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    The nice thread has been posted by the author for a discussion. Yes, this is an important subject, and in this only the parents make decisions according to their circumstances. Every parent wants their child to be good in studies and create a bright future with good results, and for this, they want to give him every facility that helps him in his studies. But on the other hand, more income is also required for every facility nowadays, for which both parents have to do jobs for the children at various times. In this case, this decision is taken completely according to the routine of the parents. If one of them also has so much time that they can teach their children, then it is alright to study recourse to tuition. But even if the child is taught through a tutor at home or tuition classes, whenever the time is available, parents should keep assessing the study of their children.
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    To teach our own kids should be a personal choice and we must not be judgemental for the same. In my case, I prefer teaching my son myself. Although he is still in grade 1 only he is learning different things from me including painting, playing keyboard, and calligraphy. I am not sure about his higher studies but I will try my best to support him in his studies till the point he feels comfortable.
    In higher classes, many times, students prefer tuitions because their friends are also going for it. So, there is no fixed rule for this.


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    I think children take their parents for granted because of their love and affection. Generally children are stubborn and they resist to study by their parents. I face this problem. So I think a good teacher should be hired and I have observed that a child also studies well under his supervision and I don't see any problem from child.
    However, if some parents or guardians don't have any resistance from children and they themselves are also well qualified then they should teach their children themselves. It saves money also because a well qualified tutor demands chunk of money.

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    I want to add that today many couples are doing jobs which means that husband is employed at some place while wife is working elsewhere. They might be in the same town but their duty hours might differ and for them to make a balance between the workplace and home becomes a big challenge and they manage either with the help of servants or with the help of other family members. In such a situation guiding the children in education matters and teaching them regularly is not possible and the best course will of action will be a tutor or coaching class only.
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