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    Why looking good and beauty has become compulsion ?

    Take either male or female, looking good or handsome is the prime criteria and they go to large extent in spending for facial look , hair style and dressing. But the question is how far we would go to look better and handsome. Because looking good by nature is what many believes and by using creams and lotion it is the time being arrangement to look good. By the way we are not going to win award or reward for looking good, but that one appreciation from others would make us to live happily for the day. What is your take on this thread.
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    I don't think it is a compulsion. When you are hungry and when you have only small money you will try to first spend on purchasing something to eat. The priorities differ. Based on our income and social status we try to spend more on our outward appearance. If you visit villages, you can see many people who try to be as simple as possible. They never go to beauty parlours or other places to improve their appearance. One should be neat and clean.
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    Applying cream or lotion on face may add some lusture making the face glow with the radiant sign. The continued application of such creams may make the face ugly which can be seen when the make up is not taken up. It is always better to go to natural source to beautify the face such application of honey and lemon and other natural products without harming the texture of the skin. This does not involve huge expense. Beauty can be restored only when nutrition in the diet is maintained.

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    India has become up with the concept of living beautifully. In the past, people believed in natural beauty. From the time a child was born to earth, he began to apply various cosmetic creams on the body of his baby, and as the baby's memory and intellect began to solidify, the young people became addicted to a variety of cosmetics. Face cream, body lotion, various hair creams, nail polishes, etc.
    The cosmetic industry in India grew from just $ 3 Billion in US Dollars in 2010 to $ 6.5 billion in 2015 and $ 11.16 billion in 2017. By 2025, it is projected to cross $ 20 billion Dollars. No one is forcing anyone to use such products. But that is the current situation. There has been a perception that to get jobs, mainly in exposed locations and in large-scale tourism-related sectors, everyone thinks that a beautiful face is essential. The subconscious mind is telling them that the preference is for beautiful youth in almost every position.

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    Appreciating beauty is a natural instinct in human beings and if many persons attract towards beautiful people then it is no matter of surprise. The people engaged in cosmetic industry know this fact and make newer or modified products to attract the prospective customers. Another interesting point in this matter is that people working in film industry, in fashion industry, in modelling etc require to look beautiful. It is a sort of compulsion for them as it is connected to their livelihood. There are also some people who are too much concerned about looking beautiful and can spend any amount of money for it.
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    Everybody tries to look more handsome and beautiful whether the person is a man or a woman respectively but this desire depends on possessing sufficient amount of extra money and age. Cosmetic products are required to look more beautiful especially for ladies , and also men use cosmetics especially made for men. But to purchase these cosmetic items one must have amount to purchase. I see if people belong to lower class they purchase local products instead of branded cosmetics but these cosmetics may be harmful for skin but they don't mind it.
    Second factor is age. When a person gets older he or she generally stops using cosmetics, however, some women may be still seen using cosmetics to look beautiful despite their growing age.
    I see , generally, everybody tries to look more handsome and beautiful when they are going to attend any function like marriage function or partying but smetimes, I see strange people. I was coming from market two women wearing pretentious make up and clothes were going somewhere, since both ladies were known to me so I enquired them where they were going , seeing their make up I was under them impression that they were going to attend any happy functionnn, one of them said that someone had died so they were going there.

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    Though we can argue we can only have what we have. One day I went to take some photograph for applying a competition examination. As the photographs found not satisfactory, I just gone out of mood. My father asked reason for my mood out. I told the photographs are not found good. My father told me, 'Ambi, the foto will depict only how you seems to be, do not get upset'. Similarly in one Tamil cinema , the hero, Rajinikant made himself many attempts to got white in color as the heroine commented him as 'black', but failed. Like this, it is not possible to make the content overall good but to some extent we can do to exhibit beauty. We ourselves got annoyed if we see our house persons with unwashed face and uncombed hair when we return from office. If we go to a function without good costumes and make-up, everybody will see us differently. For this we have to make ourselves some thing to look beauty.

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