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    Does Kangana Ranaut rightly deserve National Award for Best Actress?

    Kangana Ranaut won the National Award for Best Actress this year. Kangana Ranaut has won a total of 4 national awards. This actress is currently the second highest award winning actress. Shabana Azmi is in the first place by winning five national awards.

    Kangana Ranaut is an actress who openly expresses her views on the Sangh Parivar. Kangana Ranaut has been criticized for denouncing protests against the BJP government, including the farmers' strike. Social media alleges that the BJP's support for Kangana is only natural. Kangana Ranaut won the Best Actress award this year for her performance in the two films named Manikarnika and Panga. Audiences commented that the performances were below average.

    Did the Sangh Parivar play a role in giving the National Award for Best Actress to Kangana?.
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    The national awards for the best actress are not by recommedation or the likes of the govt, it is because of the work of the actress in two best films and she gave her best performance. The national award committee has the jury of eminent personalities and they recommend and decide the award. If Kangana has won the awards because not for her vocal support on some national isssue, her forthright comments on issues and matters, because she made the huge impact with her character portray and thus regarded th best actress all through the country. People may draw line for this award but the fact is known.
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    She had got the award earlier also before the BJP came in power so I do not think that there is any such correspondence there. Then there is a committee also which decides it and I do not think that jury will err like that.
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    There will be a selection committee. This committee is only going to decide who will be the winners. There will be some guidelines and criteria for that selection. I don't think any government in power will interfere in these selections.
    If Kangana Ranaut is liked by BJP and if they feel she will be useful for them in elections, they will give her some good post in their party and use her for campaigning during elections. Even the party may give her a seat for MP or MLA post. So I strongly feel that she got her award based on her performance and the decision is purely owned by the selection committee.

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    I can blindly say that Kangana Ranaut deserves best actress award. She is one of the best talented artist in the filmdom. She is strong and bold as a person and actress. I love her acting.
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