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    Importance of parody and satire in the society

    Is Indian society forgetting to laugh, to enjoy humour that comes through parody or through satire? Both play important roles that have been analyzed in this thread.

    Parody is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for providing comic effect. This relies on exaggeration to ridicule the target. Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. They may look the same but there is a difference. Parody is the composition of a work to criticize the style of another work in a comical way. Satire also provides entertainment but it has a goal to expose the bad practices in the people and the institutions of the society like the government. In parody there is imitation and in satire, the subject is made fun of without imitation. These two are powerful tools in any society to bring change.

    Who can forget Shankar of Shankar's Weekly and R.K. Laxman and their satirical cartoons political and otherwise? The common man of R . K. Laxman was very famous. The political leaders of that era enjoyed the satires and Nehru used to encourage them. Now in our country, there are many groups performing on stage live with parodies and satires. There are a lot of videos that bring out the flaws in society and in government policies. They bring out all these in a hilarious way that goes deep into society.

    The imitation of the accent of people in some areas is also a parody. There are many stand-up comedians who are performing well. The present generation of politicians is not tolerant of any criticism in a satirical manner. Some comedians were arrested and jailed for their dialogues in shows. One stand-up comedian was jailed for the jokes he intended but not delivered in the show. Space for comedy in our country is shrinking. There is so much to laugh but no one is able to laugh heartily and those creating parodies and satirical plays are in fear. Hope the parody and satire needed in the society for its betterment will be back soon and we will all be able to laugh heartily.
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    If somebody finds fault in our behaviour instead of telling it directly, people will convey this message indirectly to us through a platform. How the concerned people take it will differ. Somebody will laugh and try to correct themselves. Somebody takes it differently and think of punishing the person who is trying to highlight flaws. In earlier days parody and satire were used by limited people. But these days due to social media they are more and sometimes going below standards also. These days I am not able to find cartoonists like RK Laxman.
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    Though parody and the satire brings us laughter and enjoyment but what I have seen that it is done by belittling others in front their enemy or even the audience. Most of the comedy shows are of this type and in particular Hindi comedy shows the anchor tries to play the satire and parody in front the guest itself and that is too much. And he also takes dig on others and show their way of living. Very bad indeed. But what I like is the Amul cartoon connecting to the present current affairs and political situation and those cartoons are superbly created for the readers to enjoy with great insight.
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    Parody or satire in a public show does not target an ordinary individual. They target the bad practices in the society or bad policies of a government. The flaws in the society, when ridiculed in public, there may be a change in the society or they will be brought to the notice of the public. There are many problems in our society like dowry, child marriages, child labour, atrocities on women, etc, The drama Kanyasulkam(Price of the bride), written by Sri Gurajada Apparao in 1987, can be considered as a great satirical play on social evil. It attracts the audience even today for its humor and ridicule of bad practices in society. There are a number of satirical plays on the government policies also. The leaders should be able to take criticism with a pinch of salt also. Late Jawaharlal Nehru, commenting about Shankar's cartoons on himself said that it is good to have the veil of conceit torn. occasionally.
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    Mr.KVRR brought out an interesting thread for the members to express their views. Today in our regional news paper a political satirical cartoon published and it is really very funny. A politician contesting in one of the Assembly elections saying to his followers, there is no problem to supply liquor to voters at present and we promised only to prohibit liquor after we come into power. In this satirical cartoon we can see what is the fate of promises made by political parties.

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    We want to laugh but others don't want us to laugh at their flaws and that is creating problems. Parody and Satire should be an integral part of our society and there are many such creative people nowadays thanks to the exposure they get through various media. In general, the level of tolerance is decreasing and politicians are no exceptions. Nowadays, politicians do not like to be criticized, most of the time they think whatever they do is correct. Parody and Satire must be taken in a different spirit. There is no need to be serious all the time.

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    Parody and satires are having a great role in the media and since the time media came in existence, they are there. They give a very interesting account of what is happening in the society and very subtly bring out the underlying messages. We should take them positively and in good spirit. At the same time the people making parody or cartoons or mimicking others should take care that they remain within an acceptable limit and should not be abusive and offending as that would be in a bad taste. So, this care is to be taken and some essentials to be kept in mind while creating those fun filled things.
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    I don't think parody is a good activity to make people laugh because generally parody is based on a story, incident, event, conversation, dialogues or someone's activity and it is blended with humour or satire to please the audience but the author is missing one important point that a parody artist does mockery of someone. How it can be justified. Can he himself tolerate if someone makes him a laughing stock on a public platform?
    However, mimicry is acceptable if it does not malign the image of someone.
    Great artists show their talent in mime and blending humour and satire in it is simply great.
    Satire, humour and criticism are related to literature but sometimes, they are used by an stage artist also to make people laugh.
    I disagree with the message of this thread.
    I don't think image of any person should be stigmatised in the name of fun.
    If the author thinks that Shyam Rangeela should be allowed to do parody of prime minister then I would strongly say- NO. and the same is applied to all.

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    Who does not enjoy the things presented in a satirical way or hilarious way? There are so many artists who mimic the originals and entertain us. These things have got a prominent place in the society and through these expressions people convey many messages also about the bad things happening in society or our system. These make us alert also in many matters in such amusing ways.
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