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    By blaming the tools do the working person shying away from tasks ?

    The old proverbs says that a bad workman always blames the tools for his poor or bad performance and in the same contest if the working environment is not conducive to the employee he has to adjust with the staff and the conditions of work and just cannot blame the system and pass on the bug on others for his slow performance. Right employee are those who adjusts with what ever given and does not raise any complaint and yet perform the work and job with dedication and with profitability motto to the company.
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    A person who is good at work will know that he has to keep all the tools required in good condition. Equipment maintenance is very important to get the expected output. People who never care for their work or never concentrate on their work only will make such complaints. Another point is that after finishing the day's work one should observe the condition of the tools and equipment he is using for his job and if any polishing or repairing is required he should get it done the same day so that there will not be any problem for the next day's work.
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    The author's observation is right, people who find it difficult to do a task often start looking for faults of the situation or tools related to that work and give all the blame on the deficiencies of the tools. But when a person is trying to do work with earnest dedication, whether he lacks any tool or has any problem, he finds ways to complete his work. Actually, all this is the result of a person's own passion and interest in the work that he will choose. He makes such excuses till the person takes full responsibility for his work. When a person realizes that there is no other option but to do it, then his willpower and work capacity automatically increase accordingly.

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    There are many people who find various reasons to whitewash their own shortcomings. Sometimes such people say that it is due to system errors. Some even try to escape by putting their shortcomings on the heads of other employees.
    Those who are sincere and faithful in the work assigned to them will not try to make such allegations. Such people will work accurately and produce results. As the author's post, some blame the tools they got when they go for a short-cut. Such allegations are often made due to inadequate work and irregularities in the work to be done, lack of knowledge on how to approach a problem, and lack of skill in dealing with problems that need to be resolved quickly.
    No one will not raise such allegations if he is an expert in the field of work he has been given and ready to think over the problems to face.

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    It may also indicate that the person is not trained enough to perform the task. Here, Dr Rao has provided a very logical response. Doing a home task is always important. If one fails to do a home task then during the examination the same person blames the question paper for his poor performance in the exams. I think this is true in all aspects of our lives and for that, we need to be aware of the process of carrying out the task before doing it.

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    Finding faults with the tools and methods is an old story cooked by some of the workers in work place to escape from the monotonous work and its stresses. That was a usual thing and in modern times that also exists only thing is that blame now is on internet speed, network dropping, bug in the system and like that. Recently I went to some bank for printing my passbook in the Kiosk but it was not working. I went inside and asked the counter person to do it in his machine. His answer was that the system is down and they were working in the minimal system and taking up only the important transaction work. I am not a computer savvy person to understand the terms like system, system down, and minimal system but I could make out that there is something wrong that my work would not be done on that day. So whether it was a genuine problem or something else, a customer may not be able to find out. So excuses and escape routes have also become complicated in modern times.
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    I agree with the author that a person who is not able to perform his work properly plays a blame game. He creates unnecessary problems for others also and it affects the work of other staff also. I think if he does not how to work properly he may take help from his colleagues I don't think they will show any reluctance to help him.
    I see some of the employees in the government department don't want to work for people if any complaint is made to their senior officer, nothing happens positive, rather their inclines to defend themselves. He does not care about the problem a customer may face.

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